Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Few Random Thoughts

Thanks to all for their kind comments on my last post. I can't respond via comments at this time, as I can't access comments from work. I'm still blogging by email from work, as the firewall restrictions are still in place. It's been relaxed a little, but Blogger is still on the banned list.

Karen's mom is doing better. Her doctor is an ass, but she's OK. She's had the doc all her life, and think's he's just a short step down from God on the respect level. The nurses all hate him, and the ER doc rolled his eyes when he heard who her physician was. The guy has zero bedside manner, is gruff, outspoken, and frankly, a lousy doc. She goes in for a stroke, and the doctor forgets to order an MRI. Now I'm no medical expert, but stroke victims commonly bleed in their brain, and an MRI can detect this if I understand it correctly. So this would be one of the first things you would want to review if your patient suffered a stroke. Unbelievable. Karen is keeping careful notes - if the guy screws up and she dies or suffers as a result we'll sue his ass off.

On to other things.

I really hope I don't offend anyone with this. But how many bipolar medication success stories do you ever hear? We are all on meds of some sort, but you rarely hear anyone saying the medication completely took care of their issues. It just doesn't happen. We still have major highs and major lows, unless we're medicated to the point of being stalks of celery. I'll give it this much, it gives us something to complain about, as if we needed any help with that. From weight gain to memory loss to erectile disfunction, bipolar meds are a crapshoot, and apparently with little hope of a decent return for the significant investment we make.

And since there's so much bitching, whining, and complaining going on here lately, I'll end on a lighter note. Web site recently sold for 12 million dollars. 12 million dollars for nothing much more than a domain name. They say content on that site was almost nonexistant, so it was merely the name that was sold. Per the article:

"The new owners said in the statement that they plan to transform into 'the market-leading adult entertainment destination',which they said would include 'adult dating opportunities', sex and relationship advice, erotica, video-on-demand and live chat."

This adds new meaning to the expression"sex sells". ;-)


Nilla said...

Hmmm- stalk of celery. We really should design our own rating system on here. Let's see, how about five levels for how medication affects us? You used veggies, therefore I will too. (5)Stewed Carrot (4) Onion (3) Stalk of Celery (2)Cucumber Slice (1) PICKLE

Personally, with Lithium I'm going to rate myself in the Pickle Class. My anti-psychotics (by themselves) pretty much put me at the Celery level, but really, Lithium is awful.

Oh. I've never heard a success story either. It's always moderate to horrible. I know that if there were a magic pill we'd all take it, right? They say this is all chemical imbalances and misfiring in the brain, and if they can make a blind man see and a deaf person hear, then why can't they fix something that sounds as simple as an OIL CHANGE and RADIATOR FLUSH?!

Jon said...

And I'm feeling like a rotten tomato... ;-)

Jacqui said...

My tdoc did tell me about another pdoc that is bipolar & takes her meds regularly but she does still have manic episodes. The other docs on staff with her monitor her moods & send her home for a few days or so as need be. They are very intune to her moods & can easily see the signs if she misses them herself.

She did however tell me about a friend of hers that has her bipolar under control. She pops in to see her pdoc on schedule & pops in to see her tdoc every 2 weeks - if even just to say "hi", "bye". That just baffled me. I can't see being that stable. Maybe there is hope?

But, right now I'm not so sure either Jon.

lysie6211 said...

I'm not BiPo but depressed. Even with 10 year of zoloft I still get 'stuck' pretty hard sometimes. I have never heard of anyone that's BiPo be magically cured by a pill. Being an ex druggie I know tons of them too.


I am beginning to thing there is not a med on earth that can really handle the bipolar brain - I got off of the seroquel cuz of the not being able to lose weight and raising my sugar levels, and started topamax again - and now my face and hands are constantly numb and tingly - jeesh thats fun....