Monday, November 06, 2006

Stepping Away

Hey all,

I will be stepping away from blogging about bipolar disorder for a while, and maybe completely. I’m to the point where I really feel the need to stop defining myself in this way. Of course I say this now and the next crisis that hits I may be right back here looking for the support only this community can give.

This is a remarkable community, and I don’t want to step away completely. The support I’ve gotten here, and the friendships I’ve formed have been wonderful, maybe even life-saving. I don’t want to lose that, and will continue making rounds of blogs from time to time. So please don’t take my silence as a bad thing, or as a lack of caring for the people in this community. I don’t want to lose those friendships, even though I won’t be in contact as often.

I hope to be able to continue blogging and writing, so far I still am not able - the ideas and motivation aren't back yet. When they do return, I started a blog on a hobby site I have, The X-Ring, which is located at . This is a site where I store my writings, and am accumulating material for a book. I’m not a technically competent writer, but it’s my enjoyment and therapy.

Happiness and good health to all.