Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lithium Question

A few months ago I started on Lithium. The last week or so I've had this intermittant dull pain in my kidneys. Not uncomfortable, but noticeable. Sometimes right side, sometimes left side.

I'm paranoid about this stuff, although I love what the lithium is doing for me. Has anyone else experienced this?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Still Around

Hey All - Mark asked what was going on, and I realized how few times I'd posted recently.

Most of my posting is being done at the BipolarConnect site. Lately I haven't even been able to manage regular posting over there.

The bipolar paradox. In order to live in the normal world, we need medication. But what originally drew our spouses, significant others, friends and other normies to us is our bipolar personality. We medicate to keep them happy, and we turn into something not as desirable. If we don't medicate we eventually lose them anyway. The same with writing - I began writing because I could express myself, and I was prolific. Both qualities are fading away as my mental stability is being achieved.

Bottom line, I'm less prolific every day. My contract says my posts can't go to both blogs, and I'm down to a handful of viable words I can write every day. The bipolar paradox.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I'm Back

Got back from vacation very late Sunday, and have been buried since. I am behind hundreds of emails, and the problems pile up at work when I'm gone. The only "leisure" I'm going to allow myself this week is a DBSA support group on Thursday. I'll update sometime after that with pics and stories.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Hey All,
I'll be "off the grid" for the next few days. I'm going where the cattle far outnumber people, and ducks and geese far outnumber cattle and people combined. Intermittent cell phone coverage, and internet? We could probably find a rancher with dial-up, or talk to the banker in the closest town. That is, if I even wanted internet access, which I don't. ;-)

I'll be around until late afternoon Wednesday if anyone wants to reach me, otherwise see you all in a couple of days.