Monday, November 06, 2006

Stepping Away

Hey all,

I will be stepping away from blogging about bipolar disorder for a while, and maybe completely. I’m to the point where I really feel the need to stop defining myself in this way. Of course I say this now and the next crisis that hits I may be right back here looking for the support only this community can give.

This is a remarkable community, and I don’t want to step away completely. The support I’ve gotten here, and the friendships I’ve formed have been wonderful, maybe even life-saving. I don’t want to lose that, and will continue making rounds of blogs from time to time. So please don’t take my silence as a bad thing, or as a lack of caring for the people in this community. I don’t want to lose those friendships, even though I won’t be in contact as often.

I hope to be able to continue blogging and writing, so far I still am not able - the ideas and motivation aren't back yet. When they do return, I started a blog on a hobby site I have, The X-Ring, which is located at . This is a site where I store my writings, and am accumulating material for a book. I’m not a technically competent writer, but it’s my enjoyment and therapy.

Happiness and good health to all.


ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

Take care, Jon, I look forward to keeping up with you regardless of your focus! :-)

jane said...

I completely understand, Jon. It's weird, I've been identifying with myself less & less as bipolar. I think what we're both doing or trying to do is healthy.
Be well, friend.

Dobro said...

I'll miss you.
Take care!

Belinda said...

Thanks for letting us know where to find you--and I don't think it really matter at all how you "define" yourself. I come around just for what you are.

Jon said...

Thanks to all, the comments are much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I understand what you're talking about. I have taken down my actual bipolar blog. It helped at one point, but then it just seemed to make things worse. I have stopped reading and thinking about the whole bipolar thing as much as I was. I know that some huge stress thing will come along in my life one day and I'll be tossed back into that place again. For now I am just enjoying a normal feeling life for now. Take Care.

Dream Writer said...

I am sorry that you are stepping away! maybe you should reconsider.

Sometimes we need to step back, but not really step away.