Friday, December 28, 2007

Colleges take hard line on psychological problems

Colleges take hard line on psychological problems --

Fallout from the mass shootings we've had recently, colleges are using mental health as a reason to deny access. I understand the fears, but this is a terrible injustice.


Guad2007 said...

i studied neurology disorder and this bipolar disorder i have it too but i never took that lamictal, because there is other way to cure it naturaly. the only disorder you ll get is when your braim have been subject to trauma in your young age, that mostly parents are the cause of it (violence, insult, degrading, divorce ...) we get mentaly sick with time, or sometime you will see things and you think you are crazy. You are not crazy, human can see stuff that others wont see it. A good balance or iron, mineral and Iode its what we find in fish. a good healty food and exercise, water. never stay alone. be with people have fun. and no need to be scared of anything.

Start to trust in you, that you are a good person, and start speaking to your heart see what is bothering you, psy is only a waste of money they cant even cure them self or arrange there own problem, speak to your heart and let it go, if you have to cry so beat it let it be cry. Do what make you happy not what to make others happy, no need to change your apperance, you are perfect, just be cleaner.

stop alcohol, nicotine, cafein, drugs... that will also help you a lot not to disorder. I Cured my own self i didnt need to spend hundreds of dollars, that is only business doctors do to make money like a rep in walmart exemple will sell you anything to make a commission, if really they are doctors then they ll go for natural cure and free or very very low price.

There is better way to cure it, stop taking lamictal its a drug and you will be attached to it like cocain. becarfull....

ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

(I'm having a difficult time seeing how guad2007's comment relates to your post, actually...)

Happy holidays to you, and thanks for dropping by my blog! Yes, despite the school shootings and whatnot, I too am disturbed by the potential restraints that are being aimed at those with mental illnesses. If things proceed as such, the results could be quite scary for the civil libertes of everyone before it's over.

Take care and keep on truckin',