Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cleanup In Aisle...

I'm still struggling to link together multiple thoughts into a cohesive paragraph, but the promise of improvement is there.

This brings up the need for clean-up. I left a lot of things hanging over the last few months, a lot of emails not returned, comments not answered, even bridges burned. Sorry for all that. I'll do what I can to right things, when I can.

The recent lack of sleep gave me time to work on re-orging my web hosting business. It wasn't quality time, in 4 hours I'd get 15 decent minutes of work, but I still got a lot done. The site is still a work-in-progress but it's good enough for launch. For those who don't know, webhosting is providing the server space for a website. Every website needs to be "hosted" on a server. When you see those websites or blogs with their own domain name -, those people made arrangements with a hosting company to host that site. I stopped accepting web hosting customers several years ago, I had as many as I wanted to personally support. Well, I outsourced a lot of my support to people who know a lot more than I, and that means I am able to support more customers. I now have lightening-fast 24/7 support. I'll still personally handle most of the support issues during the day, there's so few of them, but the server techs will handle it outside of that. A win-win. Anyway, if anyone knows someone needing webhosting or design, have them look me up:
Homepagewebs -

For those who observe Easter may you have a joyous Easter holiday.


Stacy said...

This burning bridges and not following up thing must just be a bipolar thing. I go through a period like that at least once a year, and then I feel like I spend months catching up and making amends.

G.J. "Jon" Gregory said...

Thanks for checking in Stacy. Hope all is well in your world.

Stacy said...

Things are going well with me, but Wb is having a hard time. I am worried about his life as an adult...BTW, how is Kyle??

G.J. "Jon" Gregory said...

I'm so sorry that WB is struggling. Kyle is too. But at least he's accepted treatment. And like you I'm very worried about the future with Kyle. We can't afford a big trust fund to care for him after we pass on. I hope he improves a lot.