Monday, April 03, 2006

The Pig is Back!

My love of good music has been written about numerous times on this blog. It's my greatest therapy, my art of choice. I'm not a musician, or not for many years anyway, but good music keeps me sane, or as much as is possible with me.

The greatest radio station in the world is streaming live on the internet again. This may not last long, so if you're interested better pull it up. There are regulars to this blog in the Bay area who have probably heard this station before, but most have not. Their ground signal originates from the California central coast, but they broadcast from a few areas up into the bay area.

No matter what you consider your musical tastes, this is a station that must be listened to with an open mind. Many say it's a country station, and immediately write it off. And there is some country, but NEVER the "hot new country" or the formula type of music. And today's pop country absolutely sucks big time. The Pig's playlist includes rock, blues, country, americana, tex-mex, and much that is totally unclassifiable. And that diversity is VERY cool.

To listen, you need Winamp. With Winamp, you click on the little "lazy 8" symbol in the upper left of the player, select "Play" then "Location" and tell it to play this location "". If it's not full, the station will begin playing.