Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fighting Depression

4 coworkers received the "tap on the shoulder" yesterday and were let go, including my closest coworker. This is going to be a real challenge to avoid sliding into a depression.

On the upside, I have a phone interview this morning as an IS business analyst with one of the largest food processing companies in the world. I am hopeful about this one. And I have many resumes out, something will come through shortly.


Sharla said...

Oh well that sucks.

Your friends will be okay. Many people refuse to take a job that pays less than the one they had before, though, and they just need to get over it. My buddy did that- got the pink slip, and then used up his savings for two years because he wouldn't get a job that paid less than the other one. How dumb is that? He could have at least worked at Burger King or something, no shame in that :)

P.S. I was looking at your other blog and notice that there was quite a discussion about my Celiac post that I didn't realize had gone on. If you visit my blog, I have just made a long yammering post about it.

Sage said...

Jon, My toughts are with you. You have gotten me through some tough cyclical times by your words and thoughts, so may my thoughts go out to you as your the one has done so for me. Your talent WILL shine through and one of the potential employers will find themselves a VERY excellent employee. May Hypomania Live!!!!

Jon said...

Sharla - I'm busy writing a post, or maybe it will be an article, about your celiac post. Thanks for that.

Sage - I love that expression, it may become my mantra: May hypomania live!

Sage said...

I would be quite honored, Sir.