Friday, May 19, 2006

Mike Wallace Speaks About His Depression on 60 Minutes

Just received this press release from


On Sunday, May 21, 2006, CBS correspondent Mike Wallace will make his last scheduled appearance on the news television show 60 Minutes, broadcast on CBS television stations at 7:00 ET/PT (Check local listings). The show will highlight many parts of Wallace's career, but particularly poignant will be a frank discussion with his colleague Morley Safer about his struggle with depression -- including for the very first time, his attempted suicide.

Wallace has devoted himself to ending the stigma of mental illness and encouraging people to get help when they need it. This broadcast will continue to advance that public education. NAMI thanks him.

For more information, please visit the CBS web site.


Sage said...

Jon, You need to move this to your other blog

Jon said...

Sage - I can't, I've left that gig. I have a few more things in the pipeline that they'll publish, but when they've published the last, that's it for that blog.

Sage said...

I found that show to be too fluffy with little of interest to me. More of a collage of his work than anything elase.

Jon said...

I didn't see enough of it to know if it was any good. I did see a commercial by him after the show mentioning depression.