Saturday, December 09, 2006

Checking In

Thanks to all for your comments and emails. I'm doing OK, feeling OK, and things could certainly be worse right now.

For a little more explanation on why I'm not updating this blog much, there are a couple of reasons. First, I don't like defining myself as a person with bipolar disorder. I don't want to be your bipolar friend Jon, I want to be your friend Jon.

Next, I'm getting my blogging fix a few different ways. I still have the Health Central gig, my blog is located here: It's a different environment, it's not blogging, I submit articles, they review them, and if suitable, they publish. Also, I do not have access to comments. They review comments, if suitable they publish them. If I respond to your comments, I leave my responses the same way you all leave comments. But that's all OK, it's a good organization to work for.

I've also begun blogging on a site I've had for several years, The X-Ring ( I don't make my bipolar disorder known on that site, so while I sometimes write about mental issues, I don't acknowledge my own bipolar disorder. I've been accumulating stories for a book for several years, it will be a collection of short stories called "From The Baitshop". I publish excerpts of stories on the blog, and this helps motivate me to continue the stories.

Now a question for you all. I located a site that sells very inexpensive generic drugs without a script. I'm thinking if they are legit I can afford to pay for meds for my son Kyle out of my pocket. That way he can get stable enough to hold a job, which will give him insurance. Then he can take over himself. Here's the site I'm looking at:

If anyone has experience with this, or a similar, offshore pharmacy please let me know by comment or email.


Anonymous said...

I am very curious, so I am going to do my own research. Sorry I do not have any previous knowledge.
I will let you know if I come up with anything as I do have a good resource. Please share your purchasing experience with us.

Dream Writer said...

I don't have knowledge either. Thanks for stopping by at my new blog, I sooo appreciate it!

Jon said...

Thanks for your comments. I probably won't order before Christmas, but will post back after I try it.

Anonymous said...

I've ordered Phentermine probably a DOZEN times from a generic pharmacy without a prescription. Works like a charm. Obviously Phentermine is a prescription drug for appetite control and not psychiatric health, but I would think they would both be just as dangerous in the wrong hands?

I've never had a problem, and I've ordered from many different places.

I don't feel so guilty about it because, before I lost 50 pounds, I DID have a diet dr. prescribe them to me knowing my mental health issues and prescriptions, but he broke his back and couldn't work. So...that's my story. Your so WAS prescribed Lamictal, so you have a valid reason to do it this way.

Many people do it that know about it. Now...many people abuse it, but my belief (and hope) is that most don't.

Jon said...

Kansas Sunflower - thanks for your input. I'm going to place an order right after Christmas.