Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ripped From The Headlines

Another visit to the wonderful world of psych headlines.

Pregnancy and Birth Spur Anxiety Dreams in Mom
What? Giving birth could be a cause of anxiety?

PETA Calls for Ban on Owning Animals, Psychiatric Intervention if Alleged Animal Abusers, Killers Are Convicted
Psychiatric intervention? PETA members are LONG overdue for their own "psychiatric intervention".

Children stressed about starting school
Ya think?

Tropical Depression Moving Away From Fla.
I would imagine moving from Florida to, say, North Dakota might cure "tropical depression". (Rimshot!)

Cannibal suspect in psychiatric care
"A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti."

Psychological Torture and the Bush Administration
Oh, this headline provides an endless source of material. Suffice it to say that the Bush administration is "psychological torture" to ALL of us.

And the award for the most inane headline of the day goes to...
Late-Night Teen Cell Phone Use a Threat to Sleep


Maybelline Jones said...

While I'll agree with you that PETA members are a bit adamant and violent, I think they have a point here. People who live like that have some problems that need to be dealt with, and they shouldn't be allowed to own animals again. It just makes sense.

Jon said...

Maybelline - I fully agree with your statement. But PETA's agenda is so warped it's absolutely impossible to take anything they say seriously.

Plus the line "psychiatric invervention" from that organization is hilarious :-)

Stacy said...

PETA want no one to own animals in any capacity. Pet owners that support PETA are crazy. They are a terrorist organization wanting to end everyone's ownership of any animal.