Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cabela's Donates Winter Clothing To Omaha Homeless Shelter

Cabela's Donates Winter Clothing To Omaha Homeless Shelter - Omaha-
This warms my heart. For those who may not know, Cabelas is the large mail order outfitter specializing in outdoors clothing and gear. They are based in Nebraska, so it's logical they would support a shelter in their state. Omaha is a city of about half a million, and like most cities that size there is a significant homeless problem. Winters are cold, frequently below zero, which makes this gift even more appreciated. I have heard they also donated enough food for the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at this shelter. And that is HUGE, they serve hundreds of homeless at this shelter, and that figure skyrockets at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I'm going to keep this in mind and give Cabelas as much of my Christmas budget as I can.


Stephany said...

My daughter ran the front desk at age 12 at the local food/clothes bank and did it for years, until she couldn't.

The best time of year to donate anywhere is all year round, esp in the summer, when kids are out of school, and don't benefit from school lunch programs. The moms and dads have to provide more than usual then--and food/clothes banks are virtually empty then.

All of us have old clothes and coats--clean the closets and take them now for the winter...and if you see someone on the street give them your gloves. Seriously, i placed my gloves on so many hands last year---do it.

PS--thank you, Jon, for your kind words I find about the blogosphere.


Anonymous said...

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