Monday, June 19, 2006

SO Fired Up!

Later this week we take our first (and maybe only) camping trip this summer. This is something the family does together, although this year the boys (18, 22, & 23) are not joining us. Or so they say, one or two usually end up joining us for at least one night.

This is the time of year I can absolutely, totally, relax. No worries, no responsibility, just enjoying nature and the family.

On these vacations, we don't do a lot. I fish, which means watching a carp pole, and the kids play, hike, fish, and eat a lot of cookies and smores. I'm so thankful my wife enjoys this also, our enthusiasm fuels the girl's excitement.

How often do you see a young girl so contented, while spending time with the family?

My boys love to fish, and also love to camp. But unfortunately, they are going too many different directions. But even if they join us for a few hours it's worth it - to us and them. Here's my oldest, tall, blonde, college graduated, and enjoying life:

And my youngest boy, tall, dark, high school graduated, and in a hurry to break camp to get home for a date.

And for those of you wondering about our fish, yes, we catch carp and we love it. If you're from Europe or Asia, no further explanation is necessary, and we release them all. If you're from the states and are shaking your head and rolling your eyes, well, you just have to experience it.

We'll post some current pictures when we get back. With a little luck, Kyle will join us also and we'll have pictures of him.


The Queen said...

Looks like a perfect family outing!!

Sharla said...

Nice fishies.

jane said...

Carp? Ack! But at Big Bear Lake, they have a carp hunting contest, in an effort to keep the carp population down. I may write a post about it because I saved the article. They kill them with bows & arrows & there are cash prizes for most caught & the biggest (or heaviest). Tarzan wants to participate in it next year. I've never tasted carp, just seen them at Lake Mead & there were hundreds of them.
Camping is 1 thing I wish I'd done when my kids were little. It just does something for the soul that no other experience comes close to doing.
I hope you have a wonderful time with your family & hope the boys join you for even a little time. I can't wait to see all the pictures you take. Be safe.