Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Week In Review

Hey all - don't forget to visit my bipolar blog at Thanks to all who have read my blog over there and left comments. It's a different format, but it does help me out to know there are people reading that.

Just finished up a particularly difficult week. Mania was sky-high, and it was scary. We're talking full-blown mania, not that hypomania stuff I usually get that I try to pretend is mania. This was BAD. I had a job interview for a job I REALLY want, and didn't do as well as I had hoped. Then I got turned down for a car loan mainly because we had a dental bill that had been reported that we didn't know had been turned over. We thought we were OK with the payments we were making. I was all set to buy one of those boxy little Scions. A ton of room, and 34 mpg. I'm getting like 14 mpg now.

But a high point, the wife and I saw Bela Fleck And The Flecktones tonight in an outside concert. This was one of the best shows I've ever seen. The best musicians you've never heard of. Bela Fleck on banjo, Victor Wooten on bass, a guy named Futureman on percussion, and the horn player's name escapes me. The combination of banjo, saxophone, bass, and electronic percussion is so absurd it's wonderful. Their styles ranged from bebop to fusion jazz to bluegrass. The bass player, Victor Wooten, is probably the best bass player in the world today. He approaches the late Jaco Pastorious as a virtuoso. Bela Fleck on banjo had sounds and styles ranging from twangy bluegrass to an electric banjo that sounded like a rock guitar. And the guy can PLAY. Incredible. If they ever hit your town, they are a MUST SEE.

I won't be updating this blog as often, my bipolar blog gets most of my attention these days. And with the week just finished I haven't been around to the blogs as regularly as I'd like. Sorry to all my friends, I promise to get around more often.


Sage said...

This blog is more like family so once a week, let your hair down,, rip your clothes off, sit back with doobie in hand and kick it with friends.

Sage said...

BTW Bela is from tampa and plays here all the time.

Jon said...

Sage - Now there's something I haven't done for a while - clothes gone, tokin on doobie... It's been a few years.

I'm going to do this more regularly. I'm not going to let this blog go so long.

I didn't know Bela was from Tampa. It sure was an enjoyable show.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, it's nice to know there are friends out there. It's been a tough week.

jane said...

I didnt think they could turn you over to credit agencies if you were making acceptable payments. That sucks.
It's wonderful you & your wife get some 'dating' time to just do enjoyable things.

Jon said...

Jane - we need time together away from the house, our relationship suffers without it. There is too much stress and too many distractions around the house. So we try to get away at least once a week for something, even if it's only a fast food meal.

As far as the finances - well, that's life in our world. We work our butts off and never quite get our heads above water. There's always something - kid's dental bills, air conditioner repair, graduations, the list goes on forever. My wife handles the finances, I can't do it, anxiety and rage takes over. One of these days we'll be able to see light at the end of the financial tunnel.

KansasSunflower said...

How do I comment on bipolar-connection?

I am not as thorough as you are in your mood chart, but that's the entire reason I blog. For events, for sleep patterns, medication changes, anxiety, and anything else that's on my mind that's effecting me. That way, if I think I'm manic or depressed, I can go back and read what I wrote, and see if there's a pattern.

I know a lot of people write their blogs for other people, but I typically don't. I started it to find out if being bipolar affected my everyday life, and I've found out, just from the blog, it does, in a major way.

I've tried using a mood chart, but I can't get into the habit. Maybe it's because I'm bipolar, although...I don't seem to miss my daily dosages of medication. But just now I realized - what if I filled it out when I took my meds? just got me to thinking...

jane said...

Jon, I hope you had a wonderfully pleasant Father's Day.

Jon said...


We did, and it was enhanced with your chicken recipe. When I read it originally, I called the wife over to see the recipe. I came home from work today, and guess what was in the oven?

Hope Tarzan had a great day as well.

Jon said...

KS - you can leave a comment, but they choose (unfortunately) to moderate comments. So it won't show up until Monday at the earliest.

It was a struggle to remember to mood chart, and I started out doing it solely for the benefit of my Pdoc. But I am now tracking more for my own benefit, and it makes a big difference, at least for me.

When it comes right down to it, we blog for ourselves, or at least I do, or did. It was great therapy for me. Unfortunately, since going to bipolar-connection, it's mostly now for others.

Thanks for dropping me a line, and I hope things work out with your Seroquel.