Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas List

What I want for Christmas

1. To be a better Christian
2. To be a better husband and father
3. To be a better employee
4. For my kids, I don’t care about “success”, or wealth, or possessions. I wish them nothing but good health and happiness.
5. For all my friends and peers out there, good health, peace of mind, and happiness.
6. For the religious right, and people in general, to re-discover compassion
7. For an end to our kids coming home from overseas in pieces, or worse, in boxes.
8. Wisdom for our leaders, that they may make the best decisions on our behalf
9. For the wisdom to know when things are good
10. And while I'm at it, a suitcase of small, unmarked bills would be OK, too.


Anonymous said...

Great list... ditto to all, especially the suitcase of money.

I look forward to your posts in the New Year -- keep THIS project alive.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,

Thank you again for visiting my blog. I appreciated your comment.

I have read your blog several times in the past, always enjoyed it, and neglected to comment (i am sorry).

I love this Christmas List! What a great focus! These are such precious things...all so important.

Thank you for being so open about things that matter so much.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Jon.

In Him,

Jon said...

Lee - back atcha, I look forward to your posts also. And I ask for that suitcase every year - I keep thinking that THIS is the year.

Amateur Dancer - thanks for stopping by. I bookmarked your site, I'll be checking in regularly. And Merry Christmas to you also.

The Queen said...

That is the best Christmas list I have seen Jon!!

Jon said...

Thanks Queen!