Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Early Christmas

Never a dull moment at home in our house.

I got home from work last night, poured myself a rum and diet Coke, and started cleaning the kitchen. With kids home from college all day, that kitchen is ALWAYS a mess. I don’t usually drink after work, but it sounded good last night. After a few minutes, my wife comes home with one of the kids.

My wife has a way of making an entrance at home. Never anywhere else, she’s absolutely not a person who craves attention, but when she gets home, you know it. She bursts into the house, my 8 year old daughter bounding up the steps ahead of her. They’re both bubbling with enthusiasm, clapping their hands and exclaiming how excited they were. My wife asked if I wanted my present right away. Before I could answer…

Another part of the “Purple Dog” contingent bursts into the house. They’ve been at another daughter’s 6th grade basketball game. 2 sons, a girlfriend, and my 11 year old daughter. They were all talking at the same time telling stories about the debacle that masqueraded as a basketball game. For the story on the basketball debacle, click here.

My wife grabs my arm and tells me we’re going someplace. I resist, telling her I’m enjoying my drink and listening to the debacle stories. Insisting, she says she’s driving, and not taking no for an answer. Irritated, I freshen my drink, and since I wasn’t driving took it with me. We drove a few minutes, and she pulled into the parking lot of a large health club a few minutes from home. Merry Christmas! she exclaimed as she pulls me inside.

I’ve been really worried about my health, and the long-term health consequences of my medication. I’m putting on weight, and I’m terrified that I’ll hit retirement and die or be incapacitated before I can enjoy it. We’ve been talking lately about buying exercise equipment or joining a health club, but there’s always other uses for the money.

When it comes to a health club, there is nothing more intimidating than that first time in the door. I joined a club once through work, and for the year I paid my fees I never once walked in that door. Well my wife pulled me in, and took me right to the membership consultant she had worked with. I’m feeling the effects of 2 tall rum and cokes, trying not to breathe on this lady, and she gives us a tour.

This place is great. It has it all, including a cafĂ© with healthy foods. And the best part? Many of the people there are in no better shape than the wife and I. It was a great atmosphere. And with both of us joining, we’ll encourage each other and be more likely to stick with it.

Watch out world, I’ll be the studliest 40 plus around by the end of 2007.


Dream Writer said...

Good For you!!! For having that drink and joining the gym...ha ha ha! You will feel wonderful once you get started!

You sound like in college and an 8 year old! My son is 7 years old and I ALSO have a 21, 19, and 18 year old!!

I thought you were quitting this blog? You cannot live without us!

Merry Christmas!

Jon said...

Yeah, DW, I haven't figured out the right blog balance. I really don't want to define myself as "bipolar", but I still need a place where I can admit my disorder. Does that make sense?

The Queen said...

I am proud of you for joining the gym. I have been trying to make myself join one for a couple of years now, but can't get over the anxiety!!

Good luck with your new goals:-)

Jon said...

Queen - A few years ago I joined a club during a promotion through work. I paid for that membership for a year, and NEVER stepped foot inside the door. But it's different now because my wife and I push and motivate each other. It makes a HUGE difference. Plus, this club has a lot of other 40 plus people in the same shape as us. We don't feel intimidated or out of place.