Saturday, February 17, 2007

Checking In

Hey all! I haven't posted for a while, not even my favorite "Friday Shorts" the last couple weeks. Thanks for the comments and emails asking if I'm OK. I'm OK, in pretty good shape all things considered. What I've been able to write recently I've sent to BipolarConnect, and they have exclusive rights to anything I send them. And when I only have so many words I can squeeze out in a week, something has to give. I've started a new personal blog for family, political, and more controversial posts, but I haven't been prolific enough to do anything with that either. Just a typical bipolar move, start a project I can't follow through on.

I haven't made the rounds to blogs recently, I'm still a little emotionally shell-shocked. I can't read your blogs without being pulled in a little emotionally, and right now I just don't feel I can take on that load. Sorry if that means I'm turning my back on my friends, I do feel bad about that.

Thanks again all for the thoughts and messages, and I'll be around to your blogs before too long.


BiPolar Guy said...

So Jon = G.J. Gregory?

Good on yer!
BiPolarConnect looks like a great initiative!

Dream Writer said...

Hey Jon - You are a sensitive and caring person:) To be able to have that emotional attachment literally through a computer screen is awesome!!

This group is wonderful and I am so glad that I have found all of you!

I've been blogging in my Bipolar Blog since August 2006 and every day the same people come back...It is such great support!

Thanks so much for your support:)

Jon said...

BP Guy - thanks for stopping by! Jon is my real middle name, but they had a John there already. So to avoid confusion we settled for GJ, my initials.

DW - thanks for YOUR support.

txandi said...

cheking in