Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Shorts

Not much to say today. Physically and mentally I feel great – as good as I have for years. But emotionally I’m a little shell-shocked. So pardon me if I don’t make it around to read and comment all your blogs for a day or 2, I’m worried about triggering something I’d rather not live with.

I haven’t heard from Kyle for over a week, but I’m not particularly worried. We’d hear if he was in trouble, and I think he’s feeling self-conscious about not working. This is too bad, because I REALLY enjoy his company, working or not.

It’s boring for everyone when I keep talking about working out, but I can’t say enough about the HUGE benefit it’s bringing to my mental health and frame of mind. I knew there would be a difference, but I never imagined it would be this significant.

Michael Vick, the Atlanta Falcons quarterback, was recently arrested for trying to smuggle marijuana through airport security. Here is an SNL video that is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a football fan to appreciate it:
SNL Michael Vick clip.

I have a new post up on my Bipolar Connect blog. It’s one of those "you know you have bipolar disorder if…" type of things. It’s all original, I didn’t steal it off the internet, knowingly anyway. If you like it, leave a comment.

I’m a HUGE NPR fan, and Juan Williams from NPR did an excellent interview with President Bush. Whenever Bush opens his mouth you want to cringe, but take a look at this paragraph:

The Iranian people have got to know that this government and the United States bears no hostility to them. We're just deeply concerned about a government that is insisting upon having a nuclear weapon, and at the same time, rewriting history – the history of the past, and regards, for example, the Holocaust. It troubles a lot of people in this world, and I'll continue to work with, you know, friends and allies to send a clear message.

It’s just so typical, you can understand what he’s trying to convey, but he’s just not making it happen. How about this "Bushism" from above: "…rewriting history – the history of the past…"
Find the complete transcript of the interview here.

Did anyone catch the Law and Order episode from a while back? It dealt, none too sympathetically, with bipolar disorder. They talked about someone overdosing on "Depaquel".
Update: Due to all those landing on this post by Googling "Depaquel", it should be pointed out that Depaquel is a TV invention. Thus, my tongue-in-cheek reference. The name most likely comes from a contraction of the words Seroquel and Depakote, both legitimate medications used to treat bipolar disorder.

Well, for having little to write about, I managed to stretch this out. Everyone have a GREAT weekend!


Smythe said...

I am up for a week of weirdness myself--my son is coming up for the first time since his diagnosis. And I have strep throat..LOL--also I hve also found that working out helps me immensely--but lately, I have had a hell of time getting there..I dont know if I am getting depressed or just feel sick, period...Have a great weekend, JON!

Dream Writer said...

Exercise is amazing that is for sure. I didn't see Law and Order about bipolar, but I DID see Cold Case and the Bipolar Mom! Did you see that one?

Oh! I was so pissed off! They dramatized that show let me tell you! They had her baking a cake with her son and when she lit the candles on the cake she set the House on Fire! They put her in a Mental Institution and put her in an Ice Bath and all - Almost like what they do for Schizophrenias, but they were saying BIPOLAR - Manic Depressive...they said it over and over and over!

I am sorry...but to me, that is NOT bipolar! I've been Bipolar for nearly 19 years and I have four kids and NEVER am I unstable to be around my kids....Just Depressed a lot.

OK - I vented there quite a bit...LOL!

Have a great weekend!

Jon said...

Smythe - Strep will wipe you out, as can those antibiotics. So don't feel bad about missing your workout. Enjoy the time with your son!

DW - I have never watched that show, but people want sensationalism, so I'm not surprised. I'd actually be interested in how they'd give a positive representation. I can see a condescending approach, that might be even worse. Oh well, you have a great weekend!