Sunday, June 24, 2007


Was halfway watching the TV show "Without A Trace" tonight, and an ad came on about Bipolar Disorder. Mark Harmon is doing a public service announcement for and says it takes an average of 10 years to diagnosis bipolar disorder. He says that's 10 years of needless suffering.

Here's a link:

A tasteful ad, I was glad to see it.


KansasSunflower said...

John, I'm SO GLAD YOU POSTED THAT! Do you know that's the first time I've ever seen in "writing" my diagnosis - NOS? (Not Otherwise Specified?). I thought my doctor was full of crap for about a year now, and kind of mad he wouldn't diagnose me as 1 or 2.

Very informative. Thanks again for positing.

gen said...

great post. =)

have you noticed the ridiculous number of ads for "bipolar medications" in various magazines? in virtually every single issue of US, there's an ad for Seroquel. interesting, huh? it's a full spread and usually about four pages long.

AND, in downtown Chicago, there are covered bus stops where there are ads on the side. one i saw the other day: "feeling glum? have a lot of energy? you may have bipolar disorder."

the media is on the prowl.

Jon said...

KS - thanks for commenting! BTW - I want back and re-read your interview post, and it was extremely helpful to me. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

Gen - good to hear from you! On my last BipolarConnect post I quoted your comment. I hope you don't mind.