Saturday, June 09, 2007

This Isn't So Bad

When rapid cycling brings me back to this level, life is very good indeed.


ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

I am indeed very hypomanic today and have a doctor's appointment in about 45 minutes; he's never seen me like this, is HE in for a treat (hehe!). ;-)

jane said...

I'm glad you're doing alright.

Mark said...

I think you added my blog to Thanks!

Jon said...

Ari - My PCP still has a hard time believing I have bipolar disorder. But then again, I only see him a total of maybe an hour a year.

Jane - Doing better, but the swings are still scary. Congrats on your recent successes!

Mark - No problem.

ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

I think my doc got a huge kick out of seeing me present a data analysis of my moods since Sept. 2006 to him on my laptop versus my medication history; he actually asked for a copy of the presentation and permission to share it with his colleagues. ;-) Yes, I was indeed a bit too enthusiastic at my appointment!

geosmythe said...

I find that I have learned to roll with it - and know that the depression is a part of my eventual breakout. But, today, I watched DreamsGirls 3 times. Does that mean something? LOL!

txandi said...

...i,...i cannot believe what i read. John, how, on earth could you? please tell me! please *sobbing* first meth, now PCP?

i know you are doing it! i know you are! you tell Ari right above this post, see? and you are going to deny it!? *crying inconsolably*


Anonymous said...

I'm a new blogger here--trying lamictal again, the first time I tried I got a couple of rash-like bumps. My doc took me off and said we would start again slowly, very slowly (week 3 and I'm only taking 5 mg a day). Anything to get off the zyprexa.
I hope this note finds you back to your stable state--you are much better than I in keeping up with your routines when things go awry.
Good luck. Kathleen

Amateur Dancer said...

hi jon,

i am catching up...trying to get back to the blogging again,

let me read what is going on...sounds like a roller coaster recently?

Amateur Dancer said...


i think he meant "Primary Care Physician" when he wrote PCP...i will let him answer, but i am pretty sure, that is what we call our main doctors.


Jon said...

Ari - How's it feel to be the patient they talk about when they all get together for drinks? I'm probably in the same boat, I took my pDoc's oft-copied, faded, off-center mood chart, rebuilt it in Excel, and gave him the master disc. He talks about every appointment.

Smythe - That's all we can do is roll with it. And rather than Dream Girls for me it might be Big Jake... ("Jacob McCandles?! I thought you was dead!" "Not hardly.")

Txandi - It's your fault. First giving me ideas about crystal meth, now tempting me with talk about PCP. What next? If I write of my great-grandfather, Poppy, you'll know of my true intention to begin my opium habit again.

Kathleen - thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! You have to be very careful with Lamictal. Ramping up or ramping down, the rash can be potentially deadly. But it is truly an amazing wonder drug for me.

Dancer - I hope you are well! You write as though your spirits are good. I'll be around shortly to check out your blog.

txandi said...

indeed. good to let all on the inside all started with your ribs...

dream - jon knows the dark side of my we can all break out in (nervous(?)) (insane(?)) (rib-ripping(?)) laughter!