Saturday, July 07, 2007

Antidepressants Not A Suicide Risk?

Antidepressants Not A Suicide Risk - Psych Central News

We hear people scream about the dangers of SSRI's, then this. So which is it?


Gianna said...

Check out Marissa Millers coverage of this issue:

depression introspection

(I hope this link embedding works...I'm trying to learn how to do it.)

gen said...

ugh. this is frustrating.

my opinion? antidepressants, when used as the sole medication therapy for someone with any mental disorder other than straight-up depression, have a tendency to cause suicidal ideations and therefore increase the rate of suicide.

and some studies tend to skirt around the fact that antidepressants are used for illnesses other than depression.

which is frustrating.

sometimes i wish that i could write for the AMA or APA. LOL.

Jon said...

Gianna - I did read the post, and I respect the research she did. But I like Gen's comments below with respect to this.

Gen - I agree with you. I truly believe that properly prescribed, antidepressants save many more lives than they cost.