Wednesday, August 15, 2007

8 Random Facts

I rarely do memes, but after being tagged by BamaGal, I couldn't say no.

8 Random Facts about me:

1. I have been on TV several times, most memorably serving as a guide for the Governor for a televised fishing competition.

2. I have never been arrested, an amazing fact given my past history of alcohol and substance abuse, and wild & crazy behavior.

3. I have hunted with a famous and controversial rock and roll musician who shall remain nameless.

4. I am in the process of writing 3 books, all of which are in various stages of progress.

5. One of my greatest pleasures in life is listening to good music. Out of the hundreds of shows I've seen, one of my all time favorite concerts was The Doobie Brothers, with opening act Bob Seger, in 1976. My younger brother gave me the tickets for my birthday, and I took him to the show. Seger hadn't exploded into stardom yet, and he kicked ass. The 'Doobs still had Jeff "Skunk" Baxter on guitar, one of the greatest guitar players ever, and they kicked ass. And - I saw the show straight. Quite an accomplishment given my personality back then.

6. It took me 5 years to graduate from college, the first few years being on and off academic probation. After year 3, with a GPA under 2.00, I decided it was time to get serious. I set a goal, and made it - graduating with a GPA of 3.001, one of the accomplishments in life I'm most proud of. I have since taken many classes, including the equivalent of an associates degree in programming, never getting a grade other than "A".

7. I used to drive a '72 Chrysler Imperial, the longest production car made at over 22 feet. I loved that car. Once I got it over 135 mph on a lonely interstate in Illinois while my wife slept sprawled out on the huge front seat beside me. Given the condition of the tires at that time, we're both lucky to be here today.

8. I used to own a retail store, with some of the most amazing and memorable customers you could ever imagine. They included:
- A scientist on a nobel prize winning project.
- A cold-blooded murderer.
- A lottery winner.
- An elderly couple who were never apart since she was a precocious young lady who won the heart of a priest who left the priesthood to marry her.
- A musician who played with and headed up bands backing virtually every major R&B and jazz musician since the fifties. He told some amazing stories.
- 2 people shot dead by police in separate incidents, one semi-deserved, the other a screw-up by a young officer that spawned a cover-up involving planted cocaine.
- Countless others, from gang-bangers to federal agents, Hells Angels to homeless people, professional athletes to politicians.

I won't tag anyone else to do this meme, but I couldn't let BamaGal down. And, I kind of enjoyed it.


Maybelline Jones said...

Perhaps the most interesting meme I've ever read

Anonymous Mom said...

i enjoyed it too!

Stephany said...

I owned a baseball card shop. The main customers were snotty mothers. I think your customers sound far more interesting.I sold a lot of a major baseball legend's items and he was the most snottiest of all.

Jon said...

Thanks all!

Stephany - what a coincidence. When I had my shop, directly next door was a baseball card shop. The guy who owned that was a very nice guy, but he had some characters as customers also. My kids LOVED that shop. All the money I paid them went next door to that shop.

jane said...

Wow. You could write a book just about your retail store. That's exactly the kind of book I love reading.
I agree with the others, this was a great meme. I'm very impressed you remember the concerts, afterall, it was the 70s!

Jon said...

Jane - It's funny about memory. I can remember certain details from 30 years ago vividly, but don't ask me what clothes I wore yesterday. I am writing a collection of short stories from the days I had the store. I figure when I have 20 to 25 stories written I can publish them. I'm more than halfway there.

But speaking about writing a book, NOBODY has had a more interesting life than you. You really need to write a book.

Stephany said...

I gave out bubble gum inside all of the bags of the kids' purchases. All of my kids allowance went to the store too LOL. Remember "pogs"? I started the store grand opening by leaving the name [I created the logo on a napkin and took it to a neon sign place]logo on round pogs that served as business cards along the brick edge of the window. I had a fan base lined up around the corner on opening day.
The kids were the highlight of the store. Unfortunately, Target opened up 2 stores within 10 minutes of the store, and that sunk the ship.

Jon said...

LOL - Pogs! My kids loved them.

Those early days had to be exciting for you. I remember the huge days, closing the doors at the end of the day, physically exhausted but giddy by the money we took in. In our case, Walmart opening in town meant a huge drop in our business. We got some of it back by cultivating referrals from the clerks in that store. The real killer for us was when casinos opened in our area. A person only has so many leisure hours and leisure dollars, and the casinos got too much of both. We ended up selling our store for a pittance. Even though it was a financial disaster, I don't regret the experience.

Stephany said...

The last months of my store being open: I called it " a community service for kids". it wasnt making any money. the kids were making dreams happen. thats all that mattered then.