Thursday, August 09, 2007

Psych News Headlines

It's been a while since I've perused the world of Psych headlines, and I needed a good laugh today. So here we go...

Facial Expressions May Confuse

A new Northwestern University study of electrical activity in the brain supports this ibelief confirming that deciphering the facial expressions of a person who is trying to conceal fear or other emotions is tricky business.
Ah yes, a well funded study that confirms what every married man knows - when you think you've read her correctly, you're usually wrong.

Breast Implants and Suicide
A recent study suggests the risk of suicide is tripled for women who have undergone cosmetic breast implant surgery.
C'mon - is this trying to tell us that implants really aren't the key to true happiness?

A Mouth Full Of Stress
Experts in the field of periodontology have discovered a strong association between stress and poor oral health.
Smile, and show those pearly whites!

How Women Perceive Men
Do we REALLY want to know?

Hostility Puts Men's Hearts at Risk
Ten years of frequent hostility and depression may harm men's immune systems and put them at risk for heart disease, a U.S. study found.
So it's not a stereotype, the high-strung, hostile men really are at higher risk for heart attack? How much did this study cost?


anonymous mom said...

really, all of this money could have been better spent. don't get me started...

Stephany said...

The happiness and boob job thing: I know 2 women whose husbands wanted the breasts, paid for it, and one woman's husband paid for liposuction of her buttocks[trying to write it nicely here].the women were insecure, got the work done, and now are divorced.
I'm pretty sure depression, lack of self-worth, etc. is why [some]cosmetic surgery is done by people[men included]and therefore that was there before the implants, and implants don't make the person "better".
It goes to "what counts is on the inside" thing, and for some people looks count more, sadly.

Jon said...

AM - LOL - If we can't laugh at it, we'd spend all our lives crying.

Stephany - great insight. I don't understand the mindset of husbands who would want that work done on their wives, or that would even be attracted to "plastic". Imperfection is MUCH sexier than perfection.