Thursday, August 02, 2007

This Is A Health Central Top Site!

I'm stoked right now. I received a Top Site award from The Health Central Network. The Health Central Network is one of the world's premier health information web destinations. I've been writing for them for over a year, but had no clue this was coming, or that they even knew of my personal blog. From their site:

Bipolar Top Sites
Below are the web’s very best sites dedicated to bipolar disorder and depression as determined by our team of experts. These sites include small websites and individual blogs and were chosen based on their candid and informative content.  In giving these awards, we hope to recognize the individuals and organizations who share our vision in providing comprehensive, interactive and personal healthcare advice. would like to congratulate our 2007 winners and sincerely thank them for producing high-quality, influential sites in the Bipolar and Depression community!

The Trouble with Spikol
Liz Spikol, managing editor and columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, has translated her award-winning column into a blog humorously highlighting everything from struggling with mental illness to how to use a mop.

Dr. Deb
Dr. Deb posts fresh, interesting, and current issues and articles that impact the human psyche.  

McMan's Depression and Bipolar Web
Health Central expert John McManamy devotes McMan's Bipolar Web to helping intelligently manage depression and bipolar disorder.

Wing of Madness
A current and informative Web site and news blog on mental health topics by site creator and HealthCentral Depression Expert Deborah Gray.

Bipolar World
Providing a friendly, interactive environment for members to obtain information, news and support.

Depression Fallout
Anne Sheffield's wisdom, support and compassion helps spread her vision of knowledge as power.
Dedicated primarily to Bipolar II, provides, "quality education on topics where information on the Internet is scattered or non-existent".

Mood Garden
Secure, interactive community providing "Information, Support and Fun" 

Living with a Purple Dog
Patient Expert G.J. Gregory's site covers everything from living with bipolar disorder and raising a bipolar son to musing on current events, music, technology and pop culture.

Nassir Ghaemi
Psychiatrist and writer Nassir Ghaemi's blog is a mix of literary exerpts and current news commentaries written from a philosophical, psychiatric, and mental health perspective.


Daily Dose said...

Congratulations, Jon! That is so awesome..

Keep up the good work. :)

Tery (Peace of Mind - Dreamwriter)

kim said...

congrats! well deserved!

Jon said...

Thanks Tery and Kim!

Stephany said...

Congrats! that's a lot of typing you've done. LOL