Friday, February 29, 2008

Checking In

It's been a while, so just checking in.

A strong hypomania, 4 hours of sleep a night for a couple weeks, and high stress can do funny things to a person. In the last few weeks I've done some good things, done some stupid things, but all-in-all the last few weeks could have been MUCH worse.

I just wish I could concentrate on something. Anything.


Mark said...

This post you wrote is normal. You concentrated well enough , no? Don't make mountains out of hills?

Lee Harris said...

I know what you mean. I'm on my 3rd day of a fast ride and waiting for the demonic drop. I can't even sit still. The legs are in overdrive and none of the kittens can hang on without wounding me....I'm checking in....

Dream Writer said...

Hmmm... Lithium should prevent this, but we are all different.

Are you still on the med? Hope you are feeling better soon :)

Greg said...

Sorry all if I gave the wrong impression. I meant I'm checking in - touching base, staying in touch, saying hello. I'm not checking in for treatment or anything.

Mark - this is my place to unload so I don't do it on the wife. I hate using her as my therapist so it helps me to express my feelings here.

Lee - I get a great visual from that line about the kittens.

DW - yes, still on the lithium. I actually think lithium is causing the upturn. Since writing this it's climbed from hypomania to mania. Maybe it's not causing it, and without it I'd be laying on a train track somewhere?