Tuesday, February 05, 2008

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

This blog may be up and down while I experiment on domain CName changes. I will be up eventually with the same blog (maybe a minor re-design) and a new URL. But nothing changes, you won't have to change bookmarks, or links, or blogrolls, or anything else. That all stays the same, it will just show a different address in your address bar.

I'll post updates through the process.

The migration is done to domain gjgregory.com. The only problem so far is the banner is not appearing. I heard that can be an issue with larger images. I just need to move it to an external server and link to it that way.

Now, the final decison - use the domain gjgregory.com, or beefareeno.com. I'll have to kick that around.


Stacy said...

beefareeno.com definitely!!