Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Shorts

Friday Shorts:

I’ve been asked several times if I have a business relationship with the new Revolution Health site that just launched. I know I plugged them pretty good, but that is because of the social aspect. I DO NOT have any kind of business relationship with Revolution Health. I DO have a business relationship with BipolarConnect, part of the Health Central Network, and my “blog” can be found here. They’re good folks over at HealthCentral, and they have a very informative site. If you get over there, make sure and leave a comment!

From The Best of Craig’s List - half a box of condoms - w4m

It is a beautiful sunny Sunday, and my relationship status is such that I am cleaning out my sock drawer. I get to the bottom, and discover 5 blue, foil squares. Ah...old friends, I remember you well. The optimism of buying a box of 12. The butterflies in the stomach on the night of your unveiling. And now you sit abandoned. And, it turns out, soon to expire. I'm a frugal sort. I hate wasting anything. So now I've got a timeline for final deployment: Nov 2006. I'm very task oriented--I love working against a deadline.

On the family front:
My wife is kicking my tail in cardio workouts. From not being able to keep up with me on summer walks and bike rides, she now climbs on a treadmill and runs for 30 minutes. I can’t come CLOSE to that. I can do 5 minutes of running and have to walk for a while. In a 30 minute cardio workout I can run for a total of about 15 minutes, and brisk walk the rest. But on the weight training, I’m making GREAT progress. I see improvement weekly.

My oldest is still job hunting for a writing position. He’s freelance writing, and publishing articles. That steady paycheck is still eluding him, though. He’ll find a permanent position soon, he’s very talented.

Kyle let his job go. He can hold a job for a few months, then a mania sets in and he has to walk away. I feel so sorry for him, his self esteem takes such a hit when that happens. We try to tell him it’s part of his bipolar disorder, but he still feels like a failure. I’d really like him to agree to seek help, we have a place in town that has a day program and can get him the treatment he needs. Once he gets on the right med regime, the stability will settle in and he’ll be able to work again.

The other kids are fine, 19 year old is doing well in school, 11 year old did well in a recent city-wide spelling bee, and the youngest is healing perfectly from her broken arm. Speaking of spelling bees, see the movie Akeelah And The Bee with your kids if you have kids at home, or by yourself if you just want a great feel-good movie.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Everyone have a GREAT weekend!


Nicole said...

Hey Jon,
Just out of curiousity, how many kids do you have and how many of those kids have the challenge of being bipolar?

Jon said...

Hey Nicole. I have 5 kids, from 24 down to 8. My second oldest, now 22, is the only one that has bipolar disorder - so far.

Suni said...

I am part of Rev. Health and I like it, but I won't be paying for it in a year when they start making us do so.

Jon said...

Suni - it's my understanding that the basic part of that site, the part I'm using now, will continue to be free. I may be mistaken, but that's my understanding.

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