Saturday, January 06, 2007

NPR Story

This Monday (January 8, 2007) on NPR's Morning Edition is a story on the politics of mental health.

Most people with private health insurance don't find out until it's too late that they don't have adequate coverage if someone becomes seriously mentally ill. For decades Congress has tried to pass legislation to force insurers to pay more. We'll look at the politics of the mental health parity bill.

If you miss it, after the show I'll post a link where you can hear it.

It wasn't an earthshattering story, but it was very worthwile listening just to hear the history, to know what is being done to pass it, and why.

Here is where you can listen to the story:
Advocates Renew Push for Mental Health 'Parity' Bill


Anonymous said...

Would it make a difference if we knew that our health coverage options were inadequate for mental health? Do we really have any choice in the matter? It's a hard pill to swallow.

Jon said...

Nicole - I agree with you 100%. It's not like it really matters, when we need care, we need care. But if it gives us knowledge of the issue, maybe we can influence more people, and eventually, our lawmakers.

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