Monday, January 29, 2007

You Gotta Be Kidding

I admit to a certain amount of skepticism when it comes to many things. I belong to an online "group" called K12 Academics-Bipolar. A post was made to this group, the complete text is below:

News Release
November 3, 2005
Bipolar Disorder is not Forever
Edgewood, WA/

New scientific evidence proves that hypnosis, mediation, and affirmations raise energy in a person changing their DNA. Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev now has scientifically proven that affirmations along with meditation/ hypnosis (another term for meditation) will raise consciousness, increase well-being, and balance chemistry in individuals.

In the past, most people were under the impression that Bipolar Disorder would be a life long ailment. Often Bipolar Disorder is destructive to relationships, careers, can wreak havoc on family life, and is a potentially fatal disease. According to Edgar Cayce, the Father of Holistic Health, "There are in truth no incurable conditions."

Over time working with a holistic therapist that uses therapeutic hypnosis and other energy raising tools suggested by Pjotr Garjajev, people are finding a new life free of their past debilitating illness. With the help of an appropriate counselor, changes in emotions, attitudes, and a new life style release the root causes and conditions of this disease. Marilyn Redmond says, " With new life skills and a spiritual daily program, the old mood swings minimized into reality, after discontinuing medication. My psychiatrist declared that I was sane, four years ago ".

In addition, it may be necessary to release past trauma and fear, called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This supports a healthy recovering body and experience. The individual needs to stay vigilant in his or her new structure, balance, and focus. Centeredness and groundedness in present thoughts, existing communication, and current activities alter mood swings producing a sane and rational existence. Bipolar Disorder is no longer a lifetime sentence.

Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT. Registered Counselor, ordained minister, and Included in Who's Who.
Contact her at 253-845-4907, visit, or e-mail her at

She is a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, International Board of Regression Therapy, American Counseling Association, and National Speakers Association. She has taught in colleges, wellness centers, speaks, writes, and counsels people to find their inner strength and consciousness for health, healing, and empowerment. Her radio show, "Marilyn's Solutions", and her radio and TV appearances are big successes.###

If you go to her website, you'll find that she lists herself also as an "intuitive" and "medium".

Is this not the most hilarious load of crap you've ever seen? Consider again this sentence:
Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev now has scientifically proven that affirmations along with meditation/ hypnosis (another term for meditation) will raise consciousness, increase well-being, and balance chemistry in individuals.

A biophysicist and molecular biologist is scientifically proving ANYTHING about affirmation, meditation, and hypnosis? But sadly, stuff like this will influence the "normies", or those with the disorder that don't know enough yet to see this for what it is.


Dream Writer said...

I believe that if you are centered and grounded - if you are focused to helping yourself that you can "Lessen" your depression so to speak...(Yeah! I should talk...LOL!!)

Avoiding Stress is not easy, but it can be done.

It is about balance and having a sense of peace...but Bipolar is FOREVER and it is something that we live with for the rest of our lives...It is a daily struggle and the Illness in itself doesn't go away.

I could understand what they were TRYING to say, but they didn't come Shining Through to what they wanted to say...If that makes any sense at all:)

anonymousmom said...

it sounds to me like a long-winded version of "mind over matter".

Nicole said...

This is really really sad and discouraging. While I truly believe that bipolar is a manageable illness if given the right tools, I will never agree that it is incurable. I will have to manage this illness for the rest of my life, regardless of my ability to handle stress or traumatice events.

Jon said...

Hey all, thanks for the comments!

This is the beauty of this format, that we can air our points of view and interact with others. I love it!

DW - I agree that the mind can do amazing things for us, and we need to always be aware of this, and chasing that frame of mind. I also agree that bipolar disorder is forever.

Anonymous Mom - Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I haven't read your entire blog yet, but will do so soon. From what I've read it looks like you are experiencing many of the challenges we faced with one of our boys, and we chronicled that in our blog
We don't update it often as he's an adult now, but I try to write something a few times a year. I have added a link to your blog.

Nicole - I understand your feelings. I agree completely that it is manageable, in fact I'm really pretty happy with the way mine is being managed at this moment. I personally don't feel it's "curable" in the medical sense, but I am halfway through a long, happy, prosperous, and satisfying life. Bipolar disorder is not going to stop me. But just because some don't consider it curable doesn't mean you have to accept that. Prove us wrong!

Amateur Dancer said...

hey Jon,

The thing is...

Sometimes with bipolar, you 'can' manage things/stress/depression/highs...

And, then, there are the (hopefully) rare occasion that maybe a life stressor hits too hard and we just swing, somewhere that we need, serious help, beyond holistic "hypnosis"...

and, i think that when society reads about things that help the less severe cases, it gives a message that ALL people with Biipolar can respond to holistic therapy.

Yall recently saw me unravel in a very frightening mixed state. I needed help.

A year ago, the hospital was what i needed...

So, i do take fish oil and i even use that mood light...but, i am a stickler for the traditional, research proven meds...on this illness.

it is too important.

That is an intereting big of info. jon.

(and, i can see how it is appealing to so many people...i used to balk against the mention of meds...and tried everything else,, i know a lot of people will go for it. **and some people need more intense help)

i guess it goes back to...we are all so individual and each of us respond to different treatment/management programs.

*Nicole, you are very in touch with yourself, and i think that you have a lot to be encouaged about. you are smart and you know what to watch for...i think that you will do well..

jane said...

I would like to see their scientific data proving their theory.

I do believe that meditation & such can definitely benefit everyone, not just bipolar people. But to say it cures it? They'd better very concrete evidence.

I don't buy it. They're trying to make a buck off of people who would give anything to be better.

MsFreud said...

What a crock of horseshit...
I say we lock this one in a room full of us in a manic rage and a box full of ball bats... Dare her to "Mentally project" us down.

Nadim said...

its so easy to continue in depressed phase without much effort, shouldn't it also be the case with hypomania??
y cant v do it?

Charlie said...

Guys, I could find no record of Pjotr Garjajev on Pubmed. If he is a member of the National Academy of Russian scientist, as suggested by this site (here)then he is the first to have been accepted into that august group despite having never published a peer reviewed paper! However, he does turn up on a quite a wide range of websites listed by Google, including the one linked above; check it out if you fancy a laugh... the British science magazine New Scientist often picks out loony sites like these on its "Last Word" page. Usually these websites are trying to sell you something. I find it scary that anyone might be taken in by these sites, but I can understand why: I'll put two similar texts on my blog shortly (Symptomspace), one will be from one of these websites and the other from a serious peer reviewed journal. Tell me if you can tell them appart, and why!

Jon said...

Hey All - sorry I haven't checked back in on this thread, I lost track of the comments here.

Dancer - I agree with you that we can control this disorder - at times. But there are times when we are absolutely powerless. With the right meds those powerless times can be few and far between.

Jane that's a great quote: "They're trying to make a buck off of people who would give anything to be better."

MsFreud - that had me laughing.

Nadim - When I was younger I lived in an almost constant hypomania. but the older I get the fewer I get. And those I do get seem to be full blown manias as often as not. I'd take depression over a full mania anytime.

Charlie - good information. I look forward to that post.