Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Post On BipolarConnect

I don't know if this is proper, or pretentious, or if anyone really cares. But I have a new post up at BipolarConnect: Starting Medication: What to Expect.

This is a "blog" they've asked me to do from the standpoint of a patient. From time to time I may post notices of new posts there.


Dream Writer said...

Of course it is proper silly! It is your blog to do what you want with it...

I will read it!:)

Jon said...

Thanks, DW!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think it is an honor to write for them. Especially along side JM.
I try to post comments there, but it never accepts my "word verification code" hmm.
I was going to post this about your article:
This article is right on point about medications. Too many patients discontinue medication prematurely or never have such discussions with their doctor as G.J. suggests here. There is hope and many people are on just the right med combo for them. It may takes some time, but with patience there is hope.