Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Shorts

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Big blizzard yesterday, our city’s worst in a decade. We got between 12 and 15 inches at my house. I have a medium sized snowblower, and the snow was just too deep for it. The wife and I half shoveled, half “snowblowed” my drive and walks. It took almost all afternoon. I went to the gym at about 6:00 AM, and there was an inch of snow on the ground. It’s only 5 minutes away, but in that 5 minutes the blizzard blew in and I was in a white-out. I made it there, worked out, and when I left there was 7 or 8 inches of snow. I was there less than 2 hours. The streets were like parking lots on every hill, the cars could not make it up the hills. I finally made it to a retail area on some higher ground, and went into an Office Depot store where I know the managers. I hung out for a couple hours until they had time to push the stuck cars out of the roads, then I plowed my way into work. Worked for a few hours, and plowed my way home. I never got stuck until I was turning into my driveway, and got stuck in the street. On my way to work this morning, there are cars off the road all over, even some still stuck in the roads. Those poor cars have snow plowed around them, they’ll have a lot of digging to free themselves. It could be worse though, I could be in the southern US, like Alabama or Georgia. I hope all my friends down there came through their storms unscathed.

Let’s see – Kyle called yesterday, I haven’t heard from him in a few weeks. He is considering a local program that will help him get assistance. The only problem is the program insists on homeless documentation. That means he has to be in a shelter, and he’d probably be there for 6 to 8 weeks. I’ve written about it on my BipolarConnect blog. They haven’t published it yet, and per my contract I can’t double-post. But I’ll post a link when they do publish it.

My kids are so funny at times. At different times Wednesday evening both of my girls grabbed a handful of ice and threw it out onto the deck. They claim it is good luck for getting school cancelled. Also if they wear their pajamas and everything else backwards they think it helps. Well it worked, school cancelled Thursday and today.

On a lighter note: Did you know there are several stages of marital “relations”? There is the newlywed stage – insatiable, anytime, anywhere, constantly. Then after a year or two that settles into the hot stage – not as often but very hot and intense. As middle age approaches, things slide into the “special events” stage. Birthdays, anniversaries, valentines day, and other special days. As people get older, things often move into the “oral sex” stage. Yes, believe it or not, oral sex is VERY common among middle aged and older couples. You know what I mean, you pass your partner in the hallway and mutter “screw you”.

I hope everyone out there has a great weekend.


Dream Writer said...

Hey! Your links don't work :( Sorry about Kyle, I do hope things work out for all of you...Why would he end up in a shelter?

I remember when my kids LOVED to have school off, but we moved away from New York when they were so young that they never had the chance to enjoy the Snow Days Off in New York - where I live they are off for different reasons.

Hope all is well and have a great weekend!

Jon said...

Thanks DW, and I fixed the links.

Smythe said...

That snow was something else wasn't it? We had a storm here as well--I was in the house with both of my grandsons for two days--and am seriously considering some sort retreat from reality at this point.

Jon said...

Smythe - lol! No grandkids yet, but we have 5 kids from 24 down to 8. So I know what you're experiencing!

Nadim said...

it was snowing heavily here as well!
i remember i used to wake up early on rainy days (it doesnt snow there)! it was one of the things supposed to bring good luck! i miss being a kid!

txandi said...

relations: mine, ethereal, remains insatiable


jane said...

Your girls are funny...hey, whatever works! I'm glad you heard from Kyle & that he's okay. I look forward to reading the article you wrote about him.

Jon said...

Thanks all for your comments!

Nadim - I'd like to live where it doesn't snow now! I guess if I didn't have to get out in it I might like it more. But I've lived my entire life within 20 miles of where I am now, and the snow is only 1 of many reasons I'd like to experience someplace new.

Txandi - It is a lucky person to have had the opportunity to spend such time with you.

Jane - we had our boys early in life, and our girls later in life, our youngest girl was born when we were 40. It worked out perfectly, I had the energy and enthusiasm for the boys when they were young, and the patience and ability to enjoy the more subtle personalities of the girls later. I do enjoy them so.

Thanks all for your comments!