Monday, March 05, 2007


Hey All – I’ve figured out why I haven’t been able to post more, or show any kind of significant support to anyone, or even return emails. I’ve got a mania going on. This is not a feel-good hypomania, although I slide into that from time to time. Unmedicated, I would be a true basket case right now. I guarantee I’d be self medicating and trying to do anything to get relief from this. Instead, I’m battling some racing thoughts and have the attention span of a 2 year old. Work is difficult right now, but I AM able to work. The Lamictal is doing it’s job. It will never take it all away, and it shouldn’t. But it makes life easier to live


A B Smythe-Editor said...

Sometimes mania catches unaware. I am going 90 mph--spitting out articles and blog posts like nobody's business and then for some unknown reason- I just crash--then I know where I've been for the last two weeks or so.

Jon said...

I hear you, Smythe. I would sure like to have those hypomanias back again where I could actually accomplish something. My manias rarely take the form of hypomania, and are usually true manias. I can't work, can't interact with others, can't do anything remotely productive. I miss those days when I still got hypomanias that were like a handful of the "white crosses" I used to buy. ;-)

anonymous mom said...

that's too bad you're having a hard time jon, but i think it's great that you recognize it for what it is.

Dream Writer said...

I could so relate! When I am Hypomania its fun, but when I am manic and in a Mania so to you, I can't work, interact, and cannot do anything productive.

Its good you know the difference and the signs! :)

You're well educated and smart - you will come shining through:)

Jessica said...

hey jon

i am sorry that i have not been around much lately, SO much happening w/ the leukemia.

i was concerned the other day when you stopped by and mentioned that you had not been around much.

i checked to see if you had been on vacation, sick, etc.

this morning, i happened to stop over and read your post.

i will be praying for you and your family that this time will pass smoothly.

you have been so kind and consistent in your support of me.

i bet it is the spring time!

great that you are so in touch with your symptoms.

deep breaths....i am praying with yall!

jessica aka "dancer"

Amateur Dancer said...

hey jon,

it is friday...just stopping by to check in w/ you.

i hope you are doing alright.

hope it is not escalating to mania.

i am actually a tiny bit hypomanic myself (this week)--mine is in that fun stage---i hope to God it stays there.

thinking of you.


Jon said...

Thanks all for the comments.

AnonymousMom - Thanks for the comment, luckily it's a little better now. I hope things are going OK for you.

DW - Well educated and intelligent are pretty common traits for people with bipolar disorder, there's a LOT of people with masters and PHDs who suffer from bipolar disorder. But we all have something in common - we all suffer through it the same way. Hope all is well in your world!

Dancer - You could teach us all about dealing with adversity. I'm doing just fine, and I hope you're the same. I'll check in on your blogs shortly. Thanks for your thoughts and support.

txandi said...

sorry, but i cannot relate. bipolar II/hypomania is as bad as it gets for me. i cannot see it as something better than something else.

i will now go back to lurking in the shadows...


Jon said...

Txandi - don't lurk! Comment! I very much enjoy your comments. And this disorder never hits two of us in the same way.