Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Shorts

Every time I mention my son Kyle, I feel the need to say "my 22 year old bipolar son". Well, it’s time I stop saying that. He’s a pretty special kid, and I don’t want to define him in this manner. I don’t like being defined that way myself. Of course, I’m guilty of putting myself in that box…

My wife talked to Kyle’s girlfriend tonight. They have a good relationship, my wife has a good relationship with everyone. Just be a real person and you’ll connect with my wife. But neither of them has heard from Kyle for a while, and they commiserated a bit. My wife got off the phone in tears, and said to me "I miss him". I do too. With a little luck he’ll be back around this weekend. The times he disappears are nerve-wracking.

Because it’s a "bipolar" blog, we come to the requisite "frame of mind" part. I’m cycling very rapidly, and I hate it. Fighting depression last night, I was manic yesterday. Right now I’m an even-keeled "blah". I’m bouncing liked a yo-yo. I come home from work, look around the house and the yard and get so overwhelmed by everything that has to be done I can’t handle it. At least I’m handling my heavy load at work OK.

My youngest daughter, Sweetness, has been having nightmares. She is dreaming her new pet bunny "Lilly" dies. She wakes up just sobbing. You should see her with that bunny. She reads to the bunny every day, plays with her all the time, and is really enjoying her. I have to admit that animal is very loving. She’ll jump into my wife’s lap and nuzzle her arm until she’s petted. I’ll take some pictures and post them.

Is society getting more polite, or am I looking old? I’m referred to as "sir" more and more often these days. Maybe it’s the salt and pepper hair, but whatever it is, I don’t like it. My grandfather was "Sir". I’m Jon. Oh well, I might as well get used to it, I’m not getting any younger.

Went to the doc today. After waking up very dizzy, and having pain behind my eyes the last few days I suspected a sinus infection. They didn’t think so, and wrote me scripts for anti-vertigo medication, and an anti-biotic "just in case". But the point of this, they took my blood pressure. I’ve always had high blood pressure, ever since I was in my teens. Never quite so bad they’d force me on medication, but high. Well, they took my bp today: 108 over 78. "Sir" my ass.

Now from the "too much information" category: At the gym locker room the other day, an overweight, balding, 50 + man was standing there with a hair brush blow-drying his pubes. I wasn’t sure whether to be nauseated or amused. I chose amused.

I’ll close with some introspection: In another 40 years (I’m pretty optimistic these days), am I going to be glad I embraced the pharmacological method of treating this disorder? Will the decreased motivation, semi-significant memory loss, lower sexual drive, and diminished creativity be offset by my family’s increased happiness and quality of life? As of now, I think so.

In the words of the immortal Sgt Esterhaus, "Let’s be careful out there".


Dobro said...

Hi!I hope and pray that your son will return this weekend in good shape.My blog address has changed to

Dream Writer said...

Kyle will be fine...whether Bipolar or not...he is a 22 year old kid...acting his age, don't you think?

Great about the blood pressure stats! Do you think your exercise had something to do with it?

When someone called me Ma'am I almost died!! I am 40 with NO grays right now and I was livid!

I am just not ready for that kind of stuff yet...I am hitting Middle age crisis I think. I am really missing a lot of things with myself lately...

Jon said...

Thanks for checking in, Dobro. I hope things are easier for you these days. I'm bookmarking your new location.

DW - on Kyle, some of it may be youth, but there's a LOT more at play there. And the middle age isn't that much of an adjustment for me, but that "sir" stuff really drives it home.

Thanks for the comments!

geosmythe said...

Just a note about my blood pressure--once I started exercising and eating better - it is now managed. Hypertension is in my family - not that that is a predeterming factor. I am with dream writer as far Kyle. Although, I know quite well how hard it is to wonder where they are. Anyway, I have been called Ma'am for quite some time now - I just take it with a grain of salt. I have earned these lifelines.

Charlie said...

Hi Jon, sorry for not checking in recently, It's been a helter-skelter here with some family issues and too much work. Just to say that I'm unceasingly impressed by the honesty and resilience of you guys writing blogs on the subject of you illness. I hope that the collective "we" can find some answers to bipolar disorder.

On the subject of gym locker rooms, I've noticed that the technique for drying that you mention is common in my local gym... I thought it was just an Italian thing. We Brits would certainly not engage in such a "public" activity!!

Jon said...

Smythe - thanks for taking the time to comment.

Charlie - LOL - and my Scandinavian ancestors would roll in their graves about such behavior, if only they had the hair to be concerned about. Thanks for stopping by!