Friday, March 30, 2007


Has anyone suffered from vertigo? Can you offer any words of advice?

I woke up this morning so dizzy I couldn't walk without supporting myself. I went to the doc, he diagnosed vertigo, and prescribed something like Myclizine.

It's sad to say I used to spend good money to feel like this. I just want my head to stop spinning right now.


Dream Writer said...

I was diagnosed with Vertigo...but to be honest what made it worse and I NEVER realized it was that I had a shit load of wax build up in my ears and had to have an ear irrigation (I think that is what it is called). Get your ears checked as well :)

When getting up, get up slowly, don't bounce right up...Wear sunglasses when near light...even in the house if needed..I had to do that!

A natural remedy - Gingko biloba. Here is the link:

Hope this helps!

Jon said...

Thanks DW. The doc looked in my ears, and didn't mention anything. And you're right, when I jump out of bed I'm lucky to not meet the floor again right then. I have to hold myself steady until I can take a step. Good tip about the sunglasses and GB.

anonymous mom said...

that happened to me before too... the medicine will clear it up quickly. the doc never said what caused it for me, something in the inner ear.

sucks to move the tiniest bit and think you're going to vomit...

hope you're feeling better soon.

Amateur Dancer said...

oh NO!!

is the medication working?

i have two friends that have something called menier's. it is hard to diagnose, but a lot of docs start off diagnosing it as vertigo...

it ends up being something that is different and it only responds to taking a mild diuretic.

if you don't respond to the meds...keep that in mind.

i hope you feel better.


Dobro said...

I knew a woman in my old church who would get vertigo, especially in the cold weather. She had to toke the medication and rest for several days.
Hope you feel better soon.

Jon said...

AM - the funny thing was, I never got nauseous. I expected to, but never did. But it was scary, I thought I was having a stroke or something.

Dancer - the medication did help, but put me to sleep. They said it shouldn't, it's the same thing they put in non-drowsy Dramamine, but it put me out. Luckily, I'm thinking it was a short-term think, I seem to be OK.

Dobro - it's probably a typo, but I'd like to "toke" that medication and rest for several days ;-)

geosmythe said...

I also had vertigo - but mine was related to high blood pressure. At the time that I had my worse run-in with it- my blood pressure was at 180/170- on one side - the other side was higher. I don't remember which side was which--but it was scary. They sent me for an MRI-because they were concerned I was in the midst of a mini-stroke. My heart doc still has that on my records. Fun,huh?

That was my experience. But, you are right it is a hell of a ride!

Stephany said...

I found your blog via Furious Seasons.
I've had vertigo on and off since I was 28. I found that if you wake up with a severe attack; increase the level of your head slowly, as in inches, with assorted pillow sizes. This prevents getting straight up and keeling over due to the dizziness, which of course is more than dizzy.
I have a few small pillows I do this with, and it helps. Also, no sudden motion, and keep eyes focused on straight ahead, not looking around too fast. Also, if you have access to a swimming pool, that helps, and I have no idea, but it stops the vertigo.
Good luck, and btw I like the 70's by product description--though I do not embrace the phrase "middle aged". Yikes.