Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Bipolar Advantage

I just received a copy of Tom Wootton's book "The Bipolar Advantage". Before I could even open it my wife snatched if from me and began to read it. To make things worse, she started reading me quotes. She finished it, and I have finally claimed it. This is a great book, and I recommend it to all.

Thanks to the author, and to Jane, for bringing this to the bipolar community.


Dream Writer said...

I read good and bad about this book. Glad that you liked it!

I was thinking of getting it, but I have sooooo many bipolar books that I haven't read yet that is just collecting dust.

I think I need to read those first before I purchase another book :)

jane said...

I'm glad you have received the book. Jon, there's 1 book I highly recommend for your wife & she may have already read it. It's a book that Maggs recommended called "What goes up"
If you haven't heard about it, would you please email me & I'll explain. I don't want to go into detail if you're familiar with it.

Suni said...

Yes I have been meaning to write what I think thus far on this book. I got mine the other day. :D

Jon said...

Thanks, all, for your comments.

DW - I like it very much. The guy goes through what all of us seem to go through, and his thoughts are well stated. But I know what you mean about books, I have a huge stack I haven't gotten to, I can't read before bed anymore as it stimulates my mind and keeps me awake. And during the day there's so much going on.

Jane - I am familiar with the book, but haven't read it. I may order it yet today, though. It's less than 12 bucks on Amazon. Here's the link:

Suni - I'd be interested in your thoughts, also.