Sunday, April 01, 2007

Google's Free Broadband Internet

Today, April 1, Google announced their new, FREE, broadband internet access.

Go here - for more information.


Anonymous said...

At first I thought this might explain Google's recent purchases of the 'dark fiber'. Afterall, they would need the fiber to support the bandwidth for the free wireless internet connection they are offering. Unfortunately this is just an april fool joke but Google becoming a dedicated internet provider is very possible now!

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Jon said...

The fiber would certainly turn dark in a short time... ;-)

jane said...

lol that was a joke!

Amateur Dancer said...

i need to read this post, but i wanted to ask you how the vertigo is going?

hope you are feeling better.

Jon said...

I should have specified right up front that this was Google's annual April Fools joke. And it's been their best so far, in my opinion.

Dancer - I'm doing OK. One semi-significant attack, and a few minor ones, and the last few days I seem to be OK. Thanks!

Amateur Dancer said...


THAT is FUNNY about Google's April 1st Joke!


I am so glad you are fine! Yay :-)


Anonymous said...

This is a funny article. If any high speed provider can pull this off its google.