Saturday, April 21, 2007

Check Out This Blog-Reader

I've been playing around with feeds, and came up with this. Check it out:

Feed Reader

Think about it - how much all our traffic could increase if people could go to one location to see an entire blogroll of blogs? If they see something they like they click through to the blog. This isn't perfect, I'd like to display blog titles instead of just URLs, and I can't figure out why it displays some URLs and not others, some pictures, and so forth.

Next - a daily email showing all updated blogs that people can opt-in to receive. This opens things up to people who may be intimidated by navigating their way to blogs.



Suni said...

Some blogs don't have titles embedded in their RSS feed so you would only show the URL not the blog's title. One of my blogs is like that b/c of a design flaw.

I love the concept and LOVE the layout of your creation... would also love for you to tell me how you did it as I would like to do that for one of my websites, but only with my own blogs... :D


anonymous mom said...

that's cool. i would like to know how it's done, too.

Titania said...

I love it!! Great job!

Jon said...

Thanks all for your feedback and comments. Suni and AM - I just made a post of detail about this.

Titania - I appreciate the comment. And I don't know how I missed your blog in the list, it's added now.

ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

This TOTALLY rocks, Jon. Bravo!

Jon said...

Thanks, ari!

Philip. said...