Saturday, April 21, 2007


I haven't slept normally for weeks now. I get about 4 hours a night - the length of time my Ambien seems to work. Unassisted, I'd be up for days. This crash may be a tough one...


Radin said...

I am a bipolar at the same age. A change in sleeping habits may help. the medication is also useful but depending on them? I I am a bipolar at the same age. A change in sleeping habits may help. the medication is also useful but depending on them? I try to avoid. There are also some herbs that help us sleep. I know how hard it is when sleep hours drop. Hope you get over it soon. Don’t be too alarmed by the situation. Pay a visit to me if you have time I would like your comments on some of the issues I follow. It may prove to be helpful for both of us.

Dream Writer said...

When I had trouble sleeping due to mania and hypomania my Counselor came up with a wonderful idea that worked so well for me...maybe it will work for you.

If you have a CD headphone player or an MP3 or Ipod...put relaxing music to your ears.

For example: the sound of the ocean waves, rain, sound of dolphins or whales.. this type of relaxing music will put you at ease and off to sleep you go!

It truly worked for I deal with Physical pain as well...I laid there and was literally dozing off and when I turned off the music I fell asleep and stayed asleep because that soothing music was the last thing I heard :)

pjbrubak said...

Dream writer had a good suggestion. Also, if you have a heating pad you can put under your back or neck, that helps. But just remember to turn it off before you fall asleep.

Lee Harris said...

Our friends have great suggestions. Try them.

As for me, I tried Ambien and it did the same for me -- 4 hours.

My pdoc approached my insomnia the same as he did with every med. We finally settled upon 50 mg of trazadone and 1/2 - 1 mg of Klonopin. I have been sleeping rather well lately --- except for tonight and I blame this on drinking Coke all evening-- the caffeine just messes me up.

Night, all --- sweet dreams.....

Jon said...

Thanks all.

I don't consider it as much insomnia as hypomania. My mind won't shut off. Music doesn't work, I get into it too much, but I haven't tried just background noise. Seroquel leaves me zombie-like the next morning. The best thing I've found is doing Sudokus until my mind numbs out.

I may have to visit the pDoc for more pharmacological help. But I hate to screw up what has been a pretty decent balance because of a temporary spike.

Anonymous said...

I am a HUGE advocate for sleep Jon.

I am also a huge advocate for picking up on warning signals before the storm crashes.

It sounds like this is what you are doing, I think a Pdoc visit sounds like a great idea.

I have been on so many meds, there are so many options for sleep. Hopefully something or a modification of something will help you. No sleep and hypomanic would be a bad sign for the future for me.

Jon said...

Thanks, MI. I am riding it out, I was able to go to sleep unassisted once last week, so it's not all bad. And I'm back down to only half an Ambien at night, so I'm not that afraid of long term dependence.

Thanks all.