Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Shorts

My current hypomania has hit critical mass. I’m getting in great, intense, workouts, but I can’t sleep unmedicated. I’m hoping things are on the downward slide just a bit. I just hope it doesn’t go too far or too fast.

I am continuing to work on the LivingBipolar page. I love working on stuff like that, if feeds so many needs in me. Creativity, technical thinking, research, and so forth. I’ve expanded it to include news feeds and resources. I’ll be adding a link library next. Is there anything else that would make it more useful?

Kyle will be moving back in with us. I’ve just written a column about this at BipolarConnect, but it will take a week or so for them to print it. You can subscribe to my posts if you take a moment and create an account. It will be great to have him home, but I’m nervous about it. We’ve butted heads terribly in the past.

All my life I just assumed I’d never hit 65 years, thinking with my lifestyle I’d heart attack early. Now I have every intention of being active into my eighties. A book that I’d almost call life-changing is called "Younger Next Year" by Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge. There is a men’s and women’s version of the book. If you need motivation to get your exercise and fitness regime going, this is the book. My workouts are working, I’ve lost 20 pounds, gained size and strength, and ran 4 miles Wednesday morning. Those of us in the bipolar disorder community have to be SO careful. Our meds, while necessary for our ability to live semi-normal lives, can also exact a price. This helps counteract that price.

Did anyone watch "The Office" last night? Could there be a funnier show? A disgruntled employee sabotaged an entire shipment of paper by putting on a watermark of 2 cartoon characters in an obscene act. This paper shipped to businesses, schools, and other organizations. One of the funniest episodes ever.

I hope everyone had a great week, and will have an even better weekend!


jane said...

I've never watched that show, but you're about the 4th person to tell me about it. I'll have to try & remind myself to check it out.

I'm glad Kyle is moving back with you, but totally can empathize with how you feel.
Jon, you accomplish things I don't think most would ~ bipolar or not. I truly believe things will work out okay.
Maybe he'll become interested in exercising too. That's something my son has gotten into & it's helped him develop structure in his life.
Have a good weekend, friend.

txandi said...

good spirits.


geosmythe said...

I like the idea that you have really gotten into the exercise/fitness regime, that has really helped me as well. My son, Chris, has been getting involved with the social network - Blog Writers and Artists- and that seems to have been helping him. It is really growing Jon. You know you are welcome to post there as well!

Jon said...

Thanks, all, for your comments.