Thursday, April 19, 2007

Life Insurance

Foolishly, years ago I cashed in all of my life insurance when I purchased a business. I needed money badly, and I could always purchase later, right? Well, later is now. Since then, however, I've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and things have changed.

I'm looking for any information I can get. I spent an hour Googling the topic, and find very little information. I saw one site that said it's possible to get coverage if you're stable and med compliant. But how do they verify that? Do you roll the dice and see if I'm approved? If I apply with one company and am denied, that is a factor with other companies. It's a question on applications, if you've been denied.

Does anyone have experience with this? Or any ideas where to look for more information?


Lee Harris said...

You may have to wait a few years -- AARP offered me a no exam needed, no questions asked term life policy... good luck.

anonymous mom said...

raine is going through the same thing without any good results yet.

Dream Writer said...

Why would Life Insurance Penalize someone with Bipolar?

I mean I could understand due to suicide, but wouldn't they just look at your medical history.

I mean, for me, I've never been hospitalized, never attempted suicide, so wouldn't that allow me to be approved for Life Insurance?

jane said...

I've kind of given up on the life insurance thing...before I looked into it. Don't most life insurances have a suicide clause for the first few years?
I hope you have success in your search. I wish I had some information, but I have none.