Saturday, May 05, 2007


I was asked what I'm looking to accomplish with the LivingBipolar site. The answer - I'm not really sure.

I started out wanting a way to quickly read through a long list of blogs. This it accomplishes very well.

Then, I added a little design to it.

Then, I decided to add news and resources to it. Once again, it works well.

Now, I stll have a hypomania going on with creative energy to spare and I'm thinking of other improvements I can make. When I was at work the other day I pulled up the site, saw the history entry and the title, and I realized I was showing my employer that I was visiting a site called "Living Bipolar". That's when I started thinking about a site without the word "bipolar" in the title.

And a little clarification. BipolarConnect is a major global health care website, a competitor of sites like WebMD. They invited me to be an "expert patient" on that site, and write regular columns for them. I'm honored to be a part of that, and don't want to do anything that could be considered a conflict of interest.

So hopefully that's a little clarification.


Dream Writer said...

I found a "" is this you or someone else?

I am really creative and OWN my own real website, so I would love to help you :)

Jon said...

That's me, the new site I've been putting together. I also have, and a few dozen other domain names. I do (did) some webhosting and design on the side (, so I'm not short on web sites. These are all things I start when I'm hypomanic, and don't have time or interest to continue once the hypomania fades.

But if you have ideas, lay 'em on me and we can work together if you're interested.

Dream Writer said...

Hey - I love the Eye and the green color! I noticed that on the first page(Bipolar Feed) it is are showing the same page twice on one page...

Also, you have the Bipolar Blog Feed on every page...Personally I think that you can do without that as you already have a "Bipolar Feed" page.

I like the News Feed and the Resource Feed, too cool!

You mentioned changing the name of your URL I believe...What about something with Mental Illness?

I noticed some of your blogs are actually from people who struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder, Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Depression and so is not just Bipolar Blogs :)

How about some kind of name with Mental or Illness in it...maybe Depression would be good because SOOOO many people struggle with Depression alone and I get a lot of people who struggle with just depression that benefits from my blog.

Daily Struggles sounds good.

Mental Madness sounds good, too.

Mental Health News

Behind The Eyes

You mentioned, I believe that you didn't want "Bipolar" in the domain.

I know that this may sound like a lot of work, but it doesn't have to be if you organize it right...

What about interviewing each person who has a Bipolar blog and write a small paragraph about them and then add a link to their site. Have a "Feature of The Month" type of thing.

Also, an award would be cool. I have an award in my Website for Mothers and Daughters that I give out.

You can "Control" how often you give it out. It doesn't have to be every single month..You can do it three times a year if you want. :)

I have to brainstorm more ideas.

Hope I helped.

Jon said...

DW - I appreciate your input.

I'm not showing the reader pulling in twice, but I recently tweaked the php code that controls the pages it pulls in. Interesting - I just pulled it up in Internet Explorer, and there it is twice. Firefox only shows it once. I need to re-write my php include code.

Interesting - the blog page is the only one repeating on the other pages. Once again, in IE only - Firefox is OK.

For the other, I need to look at ways I can tweak the widget to include more information. I'm still looking for more I can do with that. Also, once I lose this hypomania I may lose interest, so I'm trying to do something that requires little maintenance.

For domains, I'm not looking to change domains, I'd keep livingbipolar, but I'd add another name (right now I'm thinking the livingbp name I already have) so people could pull it up either way. The way I use a basic page and dynamically pull in content pages means I could write that code once, then only have to maintain it in one place.

Thanks so much for your input!

MsFreud said...

Good luck- last time I went off on an "improvement" kick for my sites. I broke them and ran out of steam to fix the silly things.

jane said...

I've never thought about what one wants to accomplish with their blog, at least not that I recall. In 100% honesty, I kinda feel like we're neighbors & it seems like we've known each other for many years. We talk about things neighbors used to talk about & we sincerely care about what concerns each other.
Now...I'm gonna go check out your other website & blogroll it.

txandi said...

blog tweaks: as addictive as crystal meth.

once you start, you cannot stop.

maybe that is why they call them "tweakers."


ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

Txandi: too true!!! :-)

jinnah said...


Could I get links to your website and / or blog.

My website is and my blog is

Hope to hear from you.

Jon said...

MsFreud - LOL - I know exactly what you mean! When I run out of gas, I run out of gas. If something isn't done, or is still broken, it will stay. Of course, my OCD will torture me until I fix it.

Jane - I understand your point of view. I guess I feel the need to quantify everything. It's kind of my nature. And thanks for the blogroll!

txandi and ari - too funny! Once again, txandi, you show remarkable insight into the soul.

Jinnah - I have added you to my blogroll, and to the blog reader blogroll. Funny, I never knew your blog existed, even as close as my blog name and the website name is to yours.