Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Shorts

On the LivingBipolar site, I don’t see enough benefit – yet. I’d like to increase the benefit without duplicating the ideas of sites like HealthCentral’s BipolarConnect, which might be a conflict of interest given my relationship with Bipolar Connect. One of my primary purposes in building the site, besides an outlet for my hypomania, is to increase traffic to all of our blogs. The thinking being if we could bring in people who might not take the time to seek out our individual blogs, "click-throughs" to our blogs would result.
Here’s thoughts of a rough "to do" list at this time:

A mirror site where the name does not include "bipolar" so our browser history does not show "bipolar". This might be good for work or public computers.
A bipolar wiki of some sort.
An open group blog where anyone can post.
Displaying blog comments from within the site (but you’d have to click-through to make a comment)
A message board or chat room.
I’m always open to ideas or suggestions.

My hypomania is hanging tough. The frantic nervousness that gives me nervous tics and unbearable racing thoughts has mostly passed. But I’m still too energetic, too irritable, and too willing to spend money I don’t have. And I tend to irritate people when I get this way, as recent comments to several blogs may illustrate. Try to remember it’s not really me, at least I hope hypomanic me is not the true me.

I’m living a bachelor life for a few days this week. My wife takes girl scouts camping this weekend, then accompanies my sixth grader on a field trip to New York. It’s time to party! Not really, but it sounded good…

For those who are trying to get into shape, here’s an interesting article:
A Healthy Mix Of Rest and Motion. I started doing this today, and it kicked my tail, in a good workout kind of way. I’m going to do it once a week from here on out.

That’s for this week’s Friday Shorts. I really have to start blogging more than once or twice a week again. But when I’m "healthy" as I feel now, I find other things to do. Not that I want to abandon my good friends, and I hope it doesn’t seem like that.


geosmythe said...

I Hate to continue to blow my own horn, Jon - but there are a nice group of people at Blog Writers and Artists Network who would love to hear about your website. You can post a few articles there- and give some free publicity. You never know what you might pull in from there. Just a thought.

In lieu of that, start your own social network on NIng. It's one way to pull people together.

Jon said...

Thanks, Smythe. I'm scared to take on anything else, I struggle to keep my own blog updated, and to keep posts flowing to
On the new site I built, that's something that fed a hupomania that is, unfortunately, hanging on. So I'll make a few more improvements, then it may sit until the next hypomania hits, probably next spring.

Dream Writer said...

If you are writing about Bipolar, then why don't you want the word "Bipolar?" What I learned in marketing is that you DO put the name of what your subject is about within your title.

This new site, is it about Bipolar? If so, think of a title that represents Bipolar and is catchy!

I'm a little confused with what you are doing or I could help you more.

You have this site and Bipolar site, so what exactly is this new site all about?

By the way, I have a 2 year associates degree in LAW!

Jon said...

DW - thanks for your questions, I have been unclear about some of this. I just posted a clarification.

ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

Hey, I think a Wiki would be an excellent addition!

Jon said...

Thanks for the input, Ari. I'm thinking about adding that.