Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Abbey Road

Music can do a lot towards changing a mood. It can make us feel good, motivate us, even make us feel depressed. When things are at their worst for me, there is only one musical work that will do: The Beatles' Abbey Road.

Those younger than I will be rolling their eyes at this statement. But I would go so far as to say it's the greatest musical work in the last 100 years. The album as a whole is not completely perfect, there is a throwaway - Octopus's Garden is a complete throw-away. Maxwell's Silver Hammer is a classic Beatle's ditty, but doesn't belong on Abbey Road. And when I'm really needing the therapeutic value of the album I also omit the opener "Come Together". What remains is something that will soothe a raging mania, or lift the spirits when depressed.

Try it - put on the headphones, skip the tracks above, and tell me you don't feel better after listening to it.


Maybelline Jones said...

True, true. But I've always like Rubber Soul better.

And I'm only 25.

Jon said...

Rubber Soul does have some great songs, has there ever been a more poignant love song than "In My Life"?

Maybelline Jones said...

No way!