Friday, October 26, 2007

Horrifying Sight

How is it that a person can get SO physically sick, lose so much weight, and look absolutely terrible after only a few days of renewed alcohol / drug abuse? We're talking a handful of days! How can someone be SO healthy, SO happy, and be willing to proudly exclaim how good they feel, yet in a handful of days look like they're near death's door? It's a horrifying thing to witness. And the worst thing, they can't see it happening to themselves.

PLEASE reach out for help. Reach out to us, or to anyone else, but PLEASE know we're very worried.


jane said...

That is the illness of addiction. But good for you for bringing this to their attention & offering help. Too often we wait & the person wants help, but they think others aren't aware. I hope they reach out to you.

G.J. "Jon" Gregory said...

Thanks Jane. It's difficult to watch.

Daily Dose said...

I am not sure who you are referring to and I guess that doesn't matter, but I hope things go well and they do reach out to you.

Very powerful post!

Carolyn said...

I feel for you. I used to date a man who (I found out after we got involved) was addicted to crack and even after we broke up it would hurt to see so easily when he'd relapsed.


cp said...

I destructed this weekend. I was doing so well and fell so far. I wrote about it and haven't had the chance to apologize for it. Not sorry to myself or anyone else. The addiction isn't quite over.

Good for you for reaching out.