Saturday, October 13, 2007

Right Brain or Left Brain

From The Herald Sun:

Which way is the dancer turning? Counter-clockwise or Clockwise? Leave a comment and let us know.

Counter-Clockwise = Left Brain:
-Uses logic
-Detail oriented
-Facts rule
-Words and language
-Present and past
-Math and science
-Can comprehend
-Order/pattern perception
-Knows object name
-Reality based
-Forms strategies

Clockwise = Right Brain:
-Uses feeling
-"Big picture" oriented
-Imagination rules
-Symbols and images
-Present and future
-Philosophy & religion
-Can "get it" (i.e. meaning)
-Spatial perception
-Knows object function
-Fantasy based
-Presents possibilities
-Risk taking

Once you get that initial answer, you can often change the direction by concentrating. The entire thing is pretty cool. Around the house last night we had 8 people (we rarely have less than 8 or 9 people around here on weekends.) Their answers are below:

Myself: Clockwise
Wife: Clockwise
20 YO Son: Counter
Son's GF: Counter
Kyle: Counter
Grandma: Counter
Oldest daughter: Clockwise
Youngest daughter: Counter.

Leave a comment with your perception.


Meredith said...

Clockwise, and I can't even see it any other way, as hard as I try. Yet, I seem to have more "left brain" characteristics. Hm. I am just an enigma, I guess.

Mark said...

The Spinning Silhouette Optical Illusion (source?)


Mindhacks thoughts

Mark said...

mindhacks writen on July 23, 2007

Jon said...

I have if figured out. If I would go to the southern hemisphere it would spin counter-clockwise for me ;-)

Meredith - if you cover the bottom of the image so you can't see the feet and the shadow you can get it to change direction easily. It took me a while to figure this out.

Mark - somebody emailed me a link to this, it's from the Herald Sun in Australia. Thanks for your links.

KansasSunflower said...

Where's you get that and how'd you post it to your blog? That was pretty cool.

As hard as I tried, I could NOT see it counter-clockwise. It was always clockwise. I guess I'm REALLY right-side.

Mark saw it as clockwise too, but after staring at it for awhile, could see it counter.

I would have thought Mark would have been left, but maybe that's why he could see the counter so quickly, and I couldn't.

Amanda said...

Clockwise. Will be insteresting to hear what my son thinks of this though. He fits the left brain profile to a T so far.

Maybelline Jones said...

I was clockwise. On point.

Taylor_John said...

I saw it at first going anti-clockwise. Then when I looked to the right of the webpage to read what you had written there I glanced back at the picture and I had change direction to clockwise. Freaky! I've stared at it a while but I can't see it anti anymore.

Cool concept though.

Fellow BP sufferer.

Jon said...

KS - right click the image, and select properties. If you are using firefox, you can select "Copy Link Location", or you can select "Properties" and copy the image location. Then use Blogger to put it into your blog. Let me know if you have any questions on that.

Thanks to everyone else, and welcome, Taylor_John. I am still having fun with this, and I still see clockwise each time. But it seems to be about 50/50 on what people see.

Just Me said...

counter. And now I'm going to have to come back here and try something. One of the things I do per therapy to calm my thinking is exercises that require switching from right brain to left brain thought. This may be an interesting change from the usual way.

jane said...

Clockwise, but I was able to make her go the other way which was really cool!

Yep, it's the shadow on the bottom that changes, then you look up.
That is such a trip!

Jon said...

Just Me - Switching between left brain and right brain has a calming effect for you? I may have to try that.

Jane - I don't understand it, but I still find it fascinating. And I find it interesting who sees things what way. So far the majority of bipolars see it clockwise.

krulguvno said...

Both ways all I do is look away for a few secs when I turn back it
turns in opposite direction does that mean I use both sides of my brain equally?

mars said...

clockwise for me. If I try I can see it the other way.