Saturday, October 06, 2007

Quote For Today

With all the pain being felt by the bipolar disorder community right now, here is good advice:

"Get your beauty sleep, or things will get ugly."


Stephany said...

What pain in the bipolar community are you referring to Jon? Don't forget roads are often long, and paths have no end in sight, but one thing we can do with pain is to keep on walking, even with blisters and barefeet.
It's important for everyone to keep talking, it is not easy and it will be hard. That's what is hard about all of this. No easy button. In the end, we all know we are the same--yet everyone has their own stories. I tend to look at this type of situation as pain to grow, sometimes the only way to change things are to walk through the fire.
Imagine me in mental health court Monday and Tuesday. I've got no legal training, I'm a mother. I've channeled the energy into where I need it to be--and one thing I would like your readers to know about me: I walk for every single mother out there, for every parent, for every sibling, child and friend--I walk alone, literally. I take a deep breath and I stand up. I say what needs to be said to the one's in charge of the mental health system in my state. I have closed door meetings that I cannot elaborate on. I am a flame not to be extinguished, and as I light a candle at night it is for all of us. Me, and you. The kids. The Rebecca's and the Lindsay's, the Kyle's, the Rob' we all form branches, let us not stop being connected--as one voice.

Polarimbi said...

There IS a lot of pain in the bipolar community. Absolutely. Emotional pain, physical pain, mental pain, social pain, every dimension possible. I think it is important to acknowledge that. There is also a lot of laughter and joy, too. I like the advice because it is plain and simple. A truth that ought not to be denied. Thanks, Jon! Sleep tight tonight.

Jon said...

Thanks Stephany and Polarimbi. This was a quote left on my HealthCentral blog, and I thought it quite clever and very true.

Stephany - if in the afterlife awards are given for the greatest super-human feats of caring, selflessness, and accomplishment, you'll be at the top of the list. You are incredible.

Polar - I hope things are getting easier for you. I've had a bitch of a time, but I'll pull through, and you obviously will too. And these simple little gems of wisdom I love. I can't claim this one, but I love it.

Thanks both.

Stephany said...

I just saw your comment here, thank you, very much. maybe just a star shining at night that says "don't give up". Look up--it's there already. Thanks for the encouragement.