Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cheney Shoots Hunting Partner

Cheney accidentally shoots fellow hunter

Everybody's heard this by now. VP Dick Cheney was hunting quail with friends in Texas. Cheney committed the cardinal sin of hunting, did not ensure he had a clear target and wounded a member of his hunting party. I've hunted my whole life and NEVER came close to shooting a fellow hunter or dog. What a bonehead move.

Now if the injuries to the victim were life threatening, I wouldn't be so irreverant. But this can't be passed up.

I heard that Cheney really meant to shoot the dog. You know, the "War on Terrior" and all...

The victim will make it, but would have been a lot better off if Cheney hadn't tried to field dress him.

Good thing they weren't turkey hunting. It would have been the veep that was shot.

And people say he can't hit squat...

Rumor has it that somebody in the hunting party yelled "Quayle"!

Cheney's been keeping such a low profile lately, he thought it was time he gave his detractors some ammunition.

Oh, so much material. I could go on forever...


Sharla (Nilla) said...

LOL at the comments. I too, (and the whole nation that cares, most likely) have been wondering how he managed to do that. I wondered why the man even had a gun. He seem kind of frail and shaky to me. Also- he shot the guy in the front, like, in his face- not the back. I'm wondering if it was an accidental discharge. Otherwise, they'd all have been facing the same way, looking at the Quayle. :)

Maggs said...

seriously, i did not hear this. my tv is consumed with dora the explorer and the wiggles

Jon said...

And why I see humor in this is beyond me, but I do.

It's a sick world, and I'm a happy guy.