Sunday, February 05, 2006

How Bad Was That?

I thought Paul McCartney was an embarassment in last year's Super Bowl, but The Stones put on the worst halftime show I've EVER seen. That absolutely SUCKED. To be fair, it took a few minutes to get the mix down, the sound guy should be castrated for that one. But those dinosaurs should be extinct. My 18 year old son came in and commented how terrible they were. He said he likes the Rolling Stones, but this was like old guys trying to cover The Stones on American Idol.

Simon would tear them a new one.


Nilla/Sharla said...

We were sitting there making geriatric comments the whole time. I said that MJ should have taken Aleve first- he was limping. My brother then said it was from his artificial hip. And so on. It was hilarious. The only thing good about it was the extremely cool stage.

Maggs said...

I didn't catch it but I sure have heard a ton about it.