Sunday, October 23, 2005


Ever seen anyone get more liberal as they get older?

I have always been conservative. Member of the Young Republicans in the seventies, worked as a volunteer for Ford's re-election campaign in my home town, business major in college. My first career was in real estate finance, so that cemented it. My political views were about as conservative as they come.

Then I sold a failing business at a huge loss. I went back to school. We realized my son had more issues than we could handle alone, so we were forced to seek assistance for him. My family grew larger, and we utitlized the WIC program. My brother came out of the closet. Free school lunches for the kids. My family was teetering on the brink of financial collapse.

Through all this I remain true to Republican ideals.

But it's indisputable, I am growing increasingly liberal. I'm starting to see that Rush really can be questioned. That the views that always seemed so black and white to me were showing up in shades of gray.

Then came Bush.

I voted for Bush, actually was so excited to be rid of Clinton I would have been elated with almost anyone. Looking back now, I don't know why I hated Clinton so much, other than I was SUPPOSED to hate him as a conservative. When Bush invaded Afghanistan, I was behind him 100%. When he decided to go into Iraq, and the deceit started to surface, it was harder to support him. And when the death toll for our kids started to rise, I'd had enough. I re-registered as an independent.

I felt incredibly liberated.

Issues became decided on intellect. I was free to question both sides. For example, my over-riding criteria, that which takes precedence over all, is respect for life. Whether it's the death penalty, abortion, or war, respect for human life is at the top of the pyramid. Note I'm not saying these are black and white issues, they are still very much gray. But I'm not welcomed by either party due to my views on hotbutton issues such as these. I'm very much a strict constitutionalist, opposing almost any amendment, including recent gay marriage bans. And while I am a church-going Christian, I very much support the seperation of church and state.

I guess the point of this rambling, is the frustration of not having a real voice in the political process. The 2 party system, and the use of this system by the likes of Limbaugh and Franken has led to the polarization of society. There is no middle ground. I can't support a true "liberal", and can't support a true "conservative". And unfortunately there is very little room for a person who can't fit one of the molds.

At some point, if I could afford to do it, I'd very much like to serve in my state's legislature. But I would not be electible. I would not gain the support of either party, and that would be the kiss of death. Too bad, as I think I, and others like me, have a lot to bring to the table.


Crazy.Spoiled.bLitch. said...

Yes. The older I get the more liberal I become. I always assumed people became more conservative with age. I figured I was just going everything backward, as usual, I am glad to know I am not the only one.

Jon said...

Thanks for the comment. Glad I'm not alone!