Monday, November 21, 2005

Crossed Another Off My List

I've blogged about my love of music in the past. The wife and I love seeing live shows. Unfortunately, with the craziness of life, we only end up seeing a handfull of shows a year. And when I say shows, I don't mean arena shows. I abhor arena shows. There's no way in the world I'm going to pay $75 + bucks to sit with 20,000 other fools, needing binoculars to see the stage. No, the best acts touring today are touring smaller venues. And with the miracle of the internet, you can find these acts, and stay in touch with their schedules.

Just crossed another off my list of musical acts I'd like to see. Added it also to my "must see" list.

Billy Bacon And The Forbidden Pigs. A great mix of tex-mex, rockabilly, country, and blues. These guys are the real deal. Billy Bacon playing either a stand-up bass, or a classic Danelectro electric bass. A great guitar player, Phillip Shoemaker, and a rock steady drummer (whose name I've forgotten). These guys were great. It was one of those shows that wasn't tightly scripted, they based it on the crowd. And even though they are not from this area, they're from California via Texas, they still knew several people in the crowd. "Silverbud - come on up here and play with us!" They were professionals, and knew how to perform. And they had chops! Billy could slap that big upright as well as anyone, but could stroke it also when called for. He was a good bass player. And the guitar player could cook. And in the venue we saw them, we sat 20 feet from the stage, and was able to talk to the band before and after the show.

Now that I've mentioned it, I'll post my "must-see" show list. This is not necessarily in any kind of order, other than the top 2. And I've seen MANY more shows than this, this is just the recent "must see" list. I may have left one or two off, I'll edit it if I remember others.

1. Robert Randolph And The Family Band. The greatest band touring today, bar none.

2. The Iguanas. My favorite party band, based in New Orleans.

3. Lyle Lovett. Saw him this summer, and really dug the show. Highly recommended.

4. Split Lip Rayfield. Punk bluegrass is the closest description. These guys are not to be missed. Ever.

5. Billy Bacon And The Forbidden Pigs. An American treasure.

6. Fred Eaglesmith. An incredible singer/songwriter.

7. Dirty Dozen Brass Band From New Orleans, keeping this musical tradition alive.

8. Blind Boys of Alabama. Don't know if they're still touring, but incredible.

Next, I'll have to list artists I want to see:

1. Delbert McClinton. One of my favorites. I'd especially love to do one of his "Sandy Beaches" blues cruises. Wouldn't that be a gas? A cruise in January with incredible music the entire time?

2. Willie Nelson. Am I the only person in America that has not seen Willie? It would have to be without the wife, she doesn't like him at all.

3. Dave Alvin. Quite a musical history with Dave, he's one of the greatest American musical legends you've never heard of.

4. Junior Brown. Country? Rockabilly? Who cares, I love this guy.

5. Jimmy Thackery. Jimmy Thackery is primarily a blues artist, but has quite a musical range. I love his recorded stuff.

6. Duke Robillard. One of my favorite blues artists, based on recorded music.

7. John Hiatt. Another American treasure.

8. California Guiter Trio. Truly amazing musicians.

9. Southern Culture On The Skids. Seeing SCOTS would be a trip.

10. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. Featuring the worlds greatest bass player, Victor Wooten.

11. Los Lobos. The original, the legends.